8 Animals that can found only in Saudi Arabia's desert wildlife

1. Arabian Oryx

Beautiful white-coated desert antelope with long, straight horns, effectively restored following their disappearance in the wild.

2. Arabian Leopard

The elusive huge cat, facing severe loss, populate the Saudi Arabian southwest's hilly areas.

3. Arabian Sand Gazelle

Sand-adapted gazelle that lives in deserts, found in many locations of Saudi Arabia.

4. Sand Cat

Tiny desert cat with a wide face and unusual ears, suited to Saudi Arabia's desert conditions.

5. Arabian Red Fox

A subspecies of fox designed to live in the desert, represent different parts of Saudi Arabia.

6. Pharaoh Eagle-Owl 

Large owl found in Saudi Arabia's wadis and rocky desert regions.

7. Arabian Spiny-tailed Lizard

A herbivorous desert lizard that has adapted to live in sandy areas in Saudi Arabia.

8. Arabian Partridge

Partridge adapted to the desert, found in rocky environments in Saudi Arabia's diverse locations.

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