Cristiano Ronaldo joins Saudi Arabia's Al-Nassr Football club

Al-Nassr club have a two and a half year contract from Saudi Arabia side for Ronaldo.

The contract between Saudi Club and Ronaldo worth 217 million dollars

Cristiano Ronaldo has been a free after his Manchester United contract was pulled up last month.

He will join Al-Nassr club, starting in January 2023

Ronaldo's career began in Sporting Lisbon, after which he played for Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus before returning to the Manchester United for the 2nd term

Now he is heading to the Saudi Arabia's capital city Riyadh

Cristiano Ronaldo is all set to be reunited with his teammate and fellow Champions Leaugue winner of Real Madrid, Sergio Ramos in Al-Nassr Saudi Arabian club.

Al-Nassr club are now trying to sign Sergio Ramos along with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Saudi club wants to bring the star defender Sergio Ramos upon the expiry of his contract with Paris Saint-German next summer.