How to Check Huroob Status online in Saudi Arabia

What is Huroob or Absent From Work?

Huroob or Absent From Work is a report that will be submitted by the Employer to the Ministry of Human Resources, in case the worker is not coming to the work place.

Once a Huroob status updated on a Worker in the Ministry of HR. The Worker iqama becomes Invalid. He will lose all the benefits, he was enjoying in Saudi Arabia using his Residence ID. In case he was caught, he will be arrested and deported to his home country.

Procedure to Check Huroob status in Saudi Arabia

There are 2 ways to Check Huroob status online in Saudi Arabia. 1. Using Absher 2. Using Labor Ministry website and without Absher

1. Procedure to Check Huroob Status using Absher

1. Login to your Absher Individuals account

* Sometimes, If you cannot able to Login with your Absher account, seems it as Deactivated as you are reported Huroob.

* If your Health Insurance status is "Left Not Returned", while your Travel status is "Outside Kingdom". This you will find in Absher Dashboard in "More Details".

* While checking for Health Insurance or Iqama Funds at Absher. The Status show "Public Query Failed, this ID is Invalid".

2. Procedure to check Huroob status online without using Absher, using Labor Ministry website

* Visit MOL website, Link available at last page.

* Enter Iqama number at "Residence Number"

* Enter Image code in Verification Code

* Click on Search

If your status shows "Absent From Work", You are reported as Huroob