Iqama Medical Test in Saudi Arabia

All newly arrived expats must have to go through Medical Test, in order to get their Residence Permit, Which is also known as Iqama

The aim of the Iqama Medical Test is to ensure National Health Security of Saudi Arabia.

Every foreigner, who came to Saudi Arabia for working or living must go through certain Medical tests at the approved Medical centers of the Kingdom to get Iqama.

Results of the Medical tests will be online at the Efada service of the Ministry of Health

Required Documents for Iqama Medical Test

* Original Passport * 2 Photos with White Background * Schistosoma Test certificate for Agriculture jobs * Copy of Passport, visa * Medical Test Fee * Meningitis Vaccination certificate for Sudan nationals

Pre-Medical Certificate Required from Home countries for below country nationals

1. Bangladesh 2. India 3. Indonesia 4. Pakistan 5. Nepal 6. Sri Lanka 7. Egypt 8. Philippines 9. Ethiopia 10. Sudan

List of Medical Tests required for Iqama

1. X-Ray 2. Urine Test 3. Stool Test 4. Blood Test 5. HIV Test 6. Hepatitis B Test 7. Blood Glucose Test 8. Malaria Test 9. Pregnancy Test for Females 10. Some Clinical Tests

Once you finished all Medical tests for Iqama, your results will be updated online at Efada of Ministry of Health

In case you need Physical reports, you can collect it at Medical center after 2 to 3 days.

This is all the information of Medical Test of Iqama in Saudi Arabia