Where Do Snow Falls in Saudi Arabia

Is it true that Snow falls in Saudi Arabia?

Yes, in some parts of Saudi Arabia there is snow Fall..

Where do Snow falls in Saudi Arabia?

1. Abha

Abha is located on the mountains of the Asir region on the southwestern side of the Kingdom and in winter snow falls on it

2. Tabuk

Parts of the Tabuk region are normal to snowfall every year, specifically on most of the mountains of Markaz Al-Lawz

3. Northern Borders

This region witness heavy snow falls in several centers, mostly in ArAr, Sulaymaniyah, Al-Aweqila and in the city of Turaif.

Why do Snow falls mostly on mountains?

The higher the elevation of an area and greater the distance from the equator, the higher the chances of snowfall in that area.

For snow to fall, moisture must be present in the atmosphere and it also depends on temperature