World’s largest Modern DownTown in Riyadh by 2030

Saudi Crown Prince launches the New Murabba Development Company to develop World’s largest Modern Downtown in Riyadh


Saudi Crown Prince, Prime Minister and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the New Murabba Development Company announced the launch of New Murabba Development Company (NMDC) with the aim of developing the world’s largest modern downtown in Riyadh city, which contributes to the development of future of the capital city, in line with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.

Introducing the new horizon of Riyadh. A new icon “The Mukaab”, the world’s first immersive, experiential destination. A gateway to another world. Step inside and it’s unlike anything you have ever seen, at a scale that is unprecedented. Big enough to hold 20 Empire State Buildings, where you and those around you enter a new reality, transporting you to Mars one day, and magical worlds the next. Where your retail experiences completely reimagined and hospitality, leisure, entertainment reach new levels. All in breathtaking, ever-changing environment. This is the new face of Riyadh, experience a new horizon. See Also : Diriyah – A tourist attraction

The new Murabba project’s designs will be built on the implementation of sustainability standards and improving the standard of living, including green areas, the availability of walking and cycling pathways, and the development of health and sports concepts as well as community events. The project also includes an innovative museum, a university with a focus on technology and design, a multipurpose integrated theatre, and more than 80 venues for live entertainment and culture activities.

– The project, which spans more than 19 square kilometers and has a floor area of more than 25 million square meters and space for hundreds of thousands of residents, is situated at the intersection of King Salman and King Khalid Roads, northwest of Riyadh. In addition to 104,000 housing units, the project will also include 9,000 hotel units. Also, there are around 980,000 square meters of commercial space, 1.4 million square meters of office space, 620,000 square meters of entertainment area, and about 1.8 million square meters of community facilities.

– In addition to internal transport system, the new Murabba project will provide a distinctive experience for residing, working, and entertaining within a 15-minute walk. From the airport, it takes roughly 20 minutes to get there. Viewable Story : Few glimpses of Noor Riyadh

– With a height of 400 meters and a width of 400 meters, the cube icon “The Mukaab” will be one of the biggest landmarks in the world and serve as a symbol of Riyadh’s global civilized status. It will be constructed by the NMDC and will feature the most cutting-edge innovative technologies and first-of-their-kind features. It is 400 meters long, and The Mukaab’s unusual geometric design helps to create the space needed to fit the project’s specifics and technologies.

– “The Mukaab” will be the first immersive destination in the world, giving an experience made possible by digital and virtual technology using the most advanced holographic. Its design was inspired by the contemporary Najdi architectural style. “The Mukaab” will consist of a tower perched above a spiraling foundation and a 2 million square meter building with a variety of retail, cultural, and tourism attractions in addition to residential and hotel units, office buildings, and recreational amenities.

– The Public Investment Fund’s strategy, which includes the launch of the New Murabba Development Company, aims to diversify the local economy’s revenue streams, empower the private sector and increase the amount of local content, unlock the potential of promising sectors, and develop real estate and local infrastructure projects. Also, the project will assist the non-oil domestic product by up to 180 billion riyals and generate 334,000 chances for direct and indirect employment. Year 2030 is the projected completion date for the new Murabba project. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Instagram

The Mukaab in World's largest modern downtown in Riyadh-

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