In Compensation to Passengers, Airlines paid SR58 Million

In Compensation to Passengers, Airlines gave out 58 Million Riyals in 2 Years – GACA


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia said that 58 million Saudi Riyals was given in total compensation to passengers by national aviation companies in the Year 2021 and 2022. Trending Video : Know Why Saudi Arabia’s Flag never lowered during Half-Mast

This complies with the requirements set forth in the executive regulations protecting customers rights. Most of the cases of compensation, according to the authorities, were flight cancellation and delay as well as baggage delay, damage, or loss.

– The GACA highlighted its commitment to protecting the rights of impacted travelers as a result of air carriers not following the terms of the airline contract as agreed upon with passengers.

– According to the authority, this action represents an affirmation by GACA to air carriers, their representatives, and agents of the need to ensure the application of the new regulations, provisions as well as their constant commitment to their regulatory and supervision duties in the aviation industry.

– In order to promote traveler happiness and the quality of the experience in the Kingdom, this also aims to protect the public interest through a fair interpretation of the rules. Most Viewed : Absher introduces “Service Suspension and Travel Restrictions” service

– The GACA’s vice president for quality and traveler experience, Eng. Abdulaziz Aldahmash, highlighted that the organization is committed to making the complaint-filing process easier, maintaining transparency, and resolving complaints in compliance with the rules and processes that have been set.

– “The GACA is committed to promoting awareness about travelers rights, offering simple ways to contact the authority, and simplifying the processes for requesting compensation specified in the regulations for the protection of travelers rights,” stated Aldahmash.

– It is notable that the GACA announced last month the passage of a new executive regulation to safeguard passenger rights, which will take effect on November 20, 2023, and replace the current one.

– A total of 30 articles in the rule ensure the passenger’s entitlement to appropriate support, care, and reimbursement, which can range from 150 to 200% of the ticket price. Recommend : 4000 riyals fine for Smart Taxi drivers in Saudi Arabia, for canceling accepted trips

– The new rule ensures that customers will receive monetary compensation in the amount of SR6568 in the event that their luggage is lost. The passenger is entitled to get cash compensation up to 6568 riyals in the event of baggage damage, defect, or delay.

– The rule also provided reimbursement to passengers in the event that a halt site was added but not disclosed at the time of ticket reservation confirmation. The regulation made clear the responsibilities of both passengers and air carriers.

– The rules also cover the unique needs and legal rights of passengers with disabilities. The rules protected passengers rights who were flying on chartered flights, particularly during the annual Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages.

– The National Aviation Strategy, which aims to realize the goal of Vision 2030, which aims to make Saudi Arabia’s aviation sector the leader in the Middle East by enabling it to reach a target of 330 million passengers by the year 2030, separates the new passenger rights protection regulation as one of the most comprehensive passenger protection regulations. For more Updates : Join Saudi Expatriates Group on WhatsApp and Share it with your Family and Friends

In Compensation to Passengers, Airlines paid SR58 Million -
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