Saudi Founding Day 2023 holiday for Public, Private sectors

4-days Holiday for Public sector and Students on Saudi Founding Day 2023 and this is the position of Private sector


The Kingdom is going to celebrate Saudi Founding Day 2023 on 22nd February, and the Ministry of Human Resources has set the founding day holiday for students, public and private sector, workers in the government departments and students will get the extended holidays for up to 4 days.

Saudi Founding Day 2023 holiday for Public or Government sector :

Employees of government departments to enjoy a 4-day prolonged holidays this week, as this year foundation day coincides with the weekend, and the four days holidays will be on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia launches The Mukaab project

Article 128 of the Executive regulations of Human Resources :

If one working day coincides between two official holidays, then that day will be an official holiday, as per the Article 128 of the executive regulations of Human Resources.

Saudi Founding Day 2023 holiday for Private Sector :

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development have also set the date of Saudi Founding Day 2023 holiday for the private sector, which will be on Wednesday, 22nd February. In case the employee works in the private sector during this holiday, he gets it as over time. See Also : List of public holiday in Saudi Arabia for the year 2023

– All the working hours that worked on holidays are considered as Over time, and the employer must pay it to the worker as additional pay, as per the Article 107 of Saudi Labor Law.

Saudi Founding Day 2023 holiday for Students :

For students, the Saudi Founding day holiday will be an extended vacation that includes 4 days, which are Wednesday and Thursday on 22nd and 23rd February in this academic calendar, and Friday and Saturday will be weekend holidays. Viewable Story : Costume festival at Riyadh Boulevard City

King Salman’s royal order on Saudi Foundation Day :

Saudi founding day falls on 22nd February of each year, as per the royal order issued by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and it will be consider as official holiday in the Kingdom every year.

– Saudi Foundation Day is the day the symbolizes the historical, civilizational and cultural depth of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, when Imam Muhammad bin Saud established the first Saudi state in 1139 AH (1727 AD). Follow Saudi Expatriates on Pinterest

Saudi Founding Day 2023 holiday for Public, Private sectors -

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