MARAFY – A man-made Canal in Jeddah to redefine urban living

Roshn unveils MARAFY – A man-made Canal in Jeddah to redefine urban living

With the support of Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund wealth, ROSHN Group on Tuesday unveiled MARAFY, a fully mixed-use development north of Jeddah that would house over 130,000 people and have a man-made canal at its heart. Trending Video : Customs rules for passengers traveling To and From Saudi Arabia

The MARAFY project’s most notable feature is that it will give the city a new waterfront and be the first canal ever built in Saudi Arabia. The launch of the giga-project MARAFY is a significant turning point for ROSHN Group.

– The 100-meter-wide, 11-kilometer-long navigable canal will join and extend Obhur Creek and be bordered by several unique districts. The Group CEO of ROSHN Group’s, David Grover, called the development a “GameChanger”.

– The ROSHN Group accepted its responsibility to become a multi-asset class developer under the direction of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, stepping up its operations and leading numerous national projects in a variety of industries in order to achieve Saudi Vision 2030’s ambitious objectives. Most Viewed : Automation of monitoring vehicles without valid Insurance

– According to Grover, “MARAFY will be a gamechanger on the real estate development sector, raising the bar of development in the area, enhancing quality of life, and creating a huge impact in Jeddah.”

– However, MARAFY is more than just a work of art, it is a ground-breaking idea that unites pleasure, business, and environment through the use of an urban water corridor. The artificial canal is ready to link homes, neighborhoods, and essential facilities, ushering in a new era of communal living.

– “One of contributors to achieving VISION 2030 goals of creating a vibrant community and a thriving economy,” MARAFY is one of the landmark projects that will place Jeddah on the map as a world-class destination, he added.

Waterfront :

The waterfront created by the canal in MARAFY will be comparable in size to those in Chicago, Stockholm, Hamburg, and central London. This will bring the ocean right into the heart of a historic city that has long welcomed traders, visitors, and pilgrims. Recommended Viewable Story: Beauty of AlUla in Saudi Arabia

– The project aims to beautify Jeddah by building an urban water corridor that would connect homes, neighborhoods, and businesses with the outdoors, commerce, and facilities that improve quality of life.

Distinct Districts :

The design of MARAFY will include a number of unique districts, each with its own individual personality, including ALAROUS, an existing integrated residential development by ROSHN.

– The project’s exterior will be reimagined and reworked in the context of today’s urban environment using historical designs from the Jeddah region as inspiration. See Also : MBS launched master plan to make Saudi Arabia a Global Logistical Hub

– A network of multimodal transportation options, including water taxis, bus routes, a dedicated Metro Red Line station, and a direct canal connection to the King Abdulaziz International Airport, would link Jeddah’s different waterside neighborhoods to one another and the rest of the city.

– While maintaining its ageless identity, MARAFY surpasses its physical limitations to represent Jeddah’s transformation into a worldwide epicenter. A beautiful fusion of historical charm and modern vigor, it is a tribute to the past mixed with the vitality of the present.

– In a society that values innovation, MARAFY is a tribute to the height of artistic achievement. The man-made canal’s waters, which flow through the city’s neighborhoods, represent a significant change in the city’s history, one that is characterized by a healthy coexistence of nature and urban life, increased connectedness, and a rekindled feeling of civic pride. Join Saudi Expatriates Instagram broadcast channel

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