Cybersecurity Professionals demand in Saudi Arabia

Cybersecurity Professionals demand in Saudi Arabia, as Global threat increases


Cybersecurity professionals demand in Saudi Arabia : There has been an increase in the demand for cybersecurity specialists in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, according to a recent analysis from famous security software company Qrator Labs. This is due to the growing concerns about cyber threats within the Kingdom. Most Viewed : Enforcement of Truck and Bus Automatic Traffic violations monitoring in Saudi Arabia

Over the past five years, IT and cybersecurity jobs in the Kingdom have increased sharply and are expected to continue. This is due to Saudi Arabia’s decision to gradually invest in cyber security and organizations’ attention on cyber attack protection.

– The study revealed that in the year 2023, there was a remarkable 133.3% rise in search inquiries for cybersecurity analysts in Saudi Arabia as compared to the previous year. Additionally, there was a 353% year-over-year rise in searches related to cybersecurity jobs.


– Information technology jobs in Saudi Arabia are growing due to demand for cybersecurity and digital transformation experts, according to the research. IT jobs are predicted to expand as companies invest in digital initiatives and the government encourages smart city projects.

– Victor Zyamzin, Global Head of Business Development at Qrator Labs, told that Saudi Arabia is facing increased cybersecurity dangers, which is driving up demand. He added that Gulf countries are among the most targeted nations internationally when it comes to cyberattacks. Join Now : Join Saudi Expatriates Channel on Facebook

– He went on stating that cyberattacks are a worldwide problem, and that the fast expansion of building, urban, and other projects in the area will only make matters worse.

– The advanced nature of cyberattacks will grow in line with Saudi Arabia’s developing and increasingly guarded resources. “Therefore, companies which are not ready for fewer advanced attacks will be more vulnerable,” he warned.

– According to new statistics from IBM, the average cost of a cyberattack on Saudi Arabian and UAE firms was $6.53 million, which is 69% more than the global average.

– In my experience, cyberattacks usually end up costing somewhere between tens of thousands and millions of dollars. “Reputational losses and direct financial impacts are equally divided among these costs,” Zyamzin stated.

– The loss of trust from business associates and prospective customers is one example of how a company’s reputation can take a hit. In contrast, things like missed chances, failed transactions, regulatory fines, and the like lead to direct losses. See Also : Saudi Arabia aims to create 150,000 new jobs in Renewable Energy and Chemical plants

– But the world’s leading business developer claims that KSA has taken cybersecurity very seriously in response to these threats.

– According to him, KSA can serve as a model for surrounding countries and offer practical resources to improve cybersecurity in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

– He went on to say that in recent years, the Kingdom has stepped up its cybersecurity game.

– Among the rules that the Kingdom introduced last year were the Data Cybersecurity Controls, Operational Technology Cybersecurity Controls, the cybersecurity toolkit 2.0, and a guide to adopting fundamental cybersecurity controls, as his statement described it.

– “More than that, in an effort to regulate the processing of personal data with a focus on online privacy and security, the government has passed the Personal Data Protection Law, which is scheduled to take effect in September 2024.” Most Viewed : Hundreds of Sri Lankan nurses to join KSA’s healthcare in this Year

– Zyamzin highlighted that the country will undoubtedly be able to provide more data for global awareness as the security of its resources develops.

Cybersecurity Professionals demand in Saudi Arabia, as Global threat increases -
Cybersecurity Professionals demand in Saudi Arabia, as Global threat increases –

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