Cinema tickets sales in Saudi Arabia in 2 Years

Cinema tickets sales in Saudi Arabia crossed 1.8 billion riyals in 2 Years


Cinema Tickets sales in Saudi Arabia crossed 1.8 billion Riyals : The entertainment business in Saudi Arabia is booming, as the total sales of movie tickets have crossed 900 million riyals in each of the last two years, according to a local news report. Trending : Saudi Arabia to open its first alcohol store in Riyadh for non-Muslim diplomats

As stated in a recent forum put together by the government Film Commission, more than 17 million cinema tickets sales in Saudi Arabia last year, according to the Saudi newspaper Okaz.

– The online meeting about how well Saudi movies perform at the box office shed light on how they are shown in the country and around the world.

Amazing Growth in Cinema tickets sales in Saudi Arabia :

Since the theaters returned in the year 2018 in the Kingdom, the Saudi film industry has grown a lot. There are now 627 screens in 69 theaters across the kingdom, which has about 32.2 million people.

– People at the meeting discussed about ways to improve the Saudi film industry. One idea was for the government and public sectors to work together to promote Saudi talent and improve the industry’s infrastructure in a way that would make investors want to put money into the Saudi film industry. Recommend : Saudi Arabia to launch its first luxurious Dream of the Desert train

– Some other ideas were to encourage movie fans to go to theaters to see movies instead of just watching them on other platforms.

Transforming the Saudi economy :

As part of big changes in the country and an ambitious plan to make its economy less dependent on oil, Saudi Arabia reopened its movie theaters for the first time in almost 40 years in April 2018.

– Last year, the General Commission for Audiovisual Media (GCAM) said that Saudi Arabia has the biggest movie theater business in the region.

– GCAM said that there are more than 64,000 seats in 69 movie theaters across twenty cities in the country. Read : New mechanism set to enter Riyadhul Jannah in Madina

Saudi Arabia has reduced the cost of Movie tickets :

“Saudi Films at the Box Office,” a virtual open group put together by the Saudi Film Commission, talked about how well Saudi films are doing at the box office and how they are affecting audiences both in Saudi Arabia and around the world.

– A big topic of conversation was to reduce movie ticket prices, which is a big change because they are no longer the highest in the region. Compared to last year, the average price of a ticket dropped by over 16% this year.

In addition to film experts and fans, the panel had a lot of important people in the Saudi Arabian film business. They talked about how important the distribution and exhibition industry is from a strategic point of view. This is because the Film Commission wants to increase demand for Saudi films in certain local and international markets.

– The goals are to make people in Saudi Arabia and around the world more aware of Saudi film content, to support platforms for distributing local content, to make the investment and regulatory environment in the sector better, and to promote culture appreciation for films, especially Saudi productions. Most Viewed : 6 groups recommended to take advanced Corona vaccine in Saudi Arabia

Saudi movies that did well :

Some of the movies that did well at the box office in Saudi Arabia were Sattar, The Book of Sun, and Night Courier. Creators of movies talked about their great runs in the Saudi theater business and the differences between showing movies in theaters and online.

– Everyone agreed that cinema tickets sales in Saudi Arabia was competitive on the international stage, and people who wanted to learn more about the Saudi film business were looking forward to it. This shows how strong its production and operational skills are.

– People discussed about ways that Saudi films could be shown in theaters around the world and at film festivals, as well as how they could be distributed and shown on internet platforms. It also highlighted how important it is for Saudi films to use the best marketing and delivery methods to be successful.

– The main problems that the local movie theater industry is having were then addressed about. Some of the solutions that were talked about were getting the government and private sector to work together to develop Saudi talent, making the film business in the Kingdom more stable, and getting movie fans to go to theaters instead of just watching them online. Like and Follow Saudi Expatriates on Facebook

– It was found that well-planned marketing, mature stories, high-quality production, and a critical but positive view of how the Saudi film scene is changing are key to the success of Saudi films. This points to a bright future where Saudi films can compete on a global scale.

Cinema tickets sales in Saudi Arabia in 2 Years -
Cinema tickets sales in Saudi Arabia in 2 Years – (Cinema tickets sales in Saudi Arabia)


Cinema tickets sales in Saudi Arabia in 2 Years -
Cinema tickets sales in Saudi Arabia in 2 Years – (Cinema tickets sales in Saudi Arabia)

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