KSA aims 150k new jobs in Renewable Energy & Chemical plants

Saudi Arabia plans 150k new jobs in Renewable Energy and Chemical plants


Saudi Arabia aims for 150,000 new jobs : The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is planning to create 150k new jobs in renewable energy and chemical industries, with the goal of localizing 75 percent of these projects, according to a high-ranking Saudi official in the country. Breaking News : Saudi Expatriates is now on Facebook Channel

Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said during the Human Capability Initiative in Riyadh that, of all sectors, the energy industry had the best possibility of reaching the Saudi workers goal.

– Not only do we predict the creation of approximately 150,000 jobs in industries like chemical manufacturing and renewable energy, but we are also expecting a large influx of jobs through Saudization initiatives, according to the minister. Also, we’re dedicated to a localization effort that’s at 75% completion.

– “To give you an idea of how we are thinking and how much it is being explained,” he continued, “this is what we are going try to achieve with using this approach.”

– The difference in female involvement across industries was brought up by the minister throughout his speech. Globally, women make up only around 15% of the energy sector, compared to the 39% to 49% represented in most other industries. Read : Longest tunnel in the Middle East is now open at King Salman Park in Riyadh

– The task at hand is huge and challenging, but not impossible, according to Prince Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia, who further stated, “In Saudi Arabia, the number is way much lower than even the 15 percent.”

– Continuing, the minister of energy said, “I must admit that this is an issue that both our leadership and I find quite exciting. The success of women’s empowerment in the past five or six years is easily visible if you take a look around this stage. You will notice the seriousness with which we approach women’s empowerment if you return to our event annually.

– He compared the present leadership’s dedication to self-discovery for economic growth with the previous decades, which he dubbed the “black box” or the black period.

– I used to refer to it as the Ghafwa days, when I would nap, but now everyone calls it the Sahwa days, when you wake up. Only recently, under our present leadership, have we begun to uncover the true engine that drives our economy, and it lies in the two pillars that I will mention, the empowerment of young people and women,” Prince Abdulaziz stated. See Also : TGA to suspend e-hailing drivers accounts, on cancelling 5 trips within month after approving it

– The minister of energy made the announcement on the rebranding of the Saudi Technical Institute for Petroleum Services to the Energy Tech Institute during the conference’s off-site activities.

– The King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center (KAPSARC) also announced that its School of Public Policy has been awarded an establishment license.

– The institution’s two-year master’s degree and executive education programs are an attempt to establish new benchmarks in the field of policy studies.

– Future Saudi Arabian and international policy leaders and professionals can benefit from these specialized training. The goal is to equip them to tackle the most pressing issues in public policy from a variety of angles, including the public, nonprofit, and commercial sectors. Recommend : Saudi Arabia targets 7.5 million Indian tourists by 2030

– It is the minister’s hope that the KAPSARC School of Public Policy (KSPP) would help train the next generation to influence policymaking on a global and national scale.

– He elaborated by saying that the goal is to help educate Saudi Arabia’s and the world’s future policymakers and professionals so that they can make sound economic and social judgments.

– The foundation of social advancement is public policy. According to Ghadah Al-Arifi, the founding director of KSPP, the program’s goal is to be a hub for public policy collaboration among academic institutions, businesses, and government agencies. Watch on YouTube : Performing Nikah is now allowed in Makkah Grand Mosque and Prophet’s Mosque

Saudi Arabia plans 150k new jobs in Renewable Energy and Chemical plants - Stories.Saudi-Expatriates.com
Saudi Arabia plans 150k new jobs in Renewable Energy and Chemical plants – Stories.Saudi-Expatriates.com
Saudi Arabia plans 150k new jobs in Renewable Energy and Chemical plants - Stories.Saudi-Expatriates.com
Saudi Arabia plans 150k new jobs in Renewable Energy and Chemical plants – Stories.Saudi-Expatriates.com

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