Jeddah festival events “On the Move”, “White Beach Pavilion”

Jeddah festival events “On the Move” and “White Beach Pavilion”


The “On the Move” area of the Little Asia event in Jeddah is taking visitors on an interesting and educational journey. Trending : Flying Taxis to transport pilgrims from Jeddah to Makkah

This experience is meant to teach people about the beautiful world of elephants and includes many fun things that people can do together.

– Visitors can see elephants bathing up in person during the shower experience and get up close and familiar with the beautiful animals during the feeding experience.

– If you want to see a wide view, the exploration platform gives you a high place to look at their majestic presence.

– A museum in the experience zone also has a lot of information about elephants, such as the types they are, how old they are, what they eat, how much water they drink, how much they weighed at birth, their life stages, where they live, and even interesting facts about their hearts. Most Viewed :  New amendments to Saudi Premium Residency Law

– Professionals with a lot of training carefully watch over the shower and feeding sessions to make sure that both the people taking part and the elephants are safe and healthy.

– The zone supervisor told guests about the 3 resident elephants, 46-year-old Jumbo, 52-year-old Burma, and 42-year-old Siyam. Each of them has their own area in the zone, which makes the experience more personal and immersive.

– Fatima, a mother of 2 children said, “The elephant experience at Jeddah festival was an adventure that opened our eyes.” From learning about their habits to seeing them up close, the whole thing was very engaging. My kids had a great time at everything. “The gift shop was a nice bonus.”

– Ahmed Mohammed, another visitor, said, “Being able to feed and interact with these beautiful animals was an unforgettable moment.” Both the educational parts and the hands-on games made it a great trip for the whole family.

– There is a part of the experience where kids can paint elephant models. Recommend : Saudi Arabia introduces 5 new Premium Residency packages

– Children under 12 years old can get in for 25 riyals, and adults can get in for 45 riyals. You can upgrade to a feeding experience ticket for 75 riyals or an elephant washing ticket for 125 riyals, if you want a more thorough experience. Tickets can be bought at the event, and the fun things to do are open every day from 5 PM. to 10 PM.

– Little Asia is the most praised addition to Jeddah’s events calendar because it brings together different Asian cultures in one place.

White Beach Pavilion of Jeddah Festival :

– The White Beach pavilion at the Jeddah Festival event is another interesting place to visit. It has fun things for people of all ages to do.

– The fascinating ball beach is the best part of the White Beach pavilion. There are more than 500,000 white balls that people can swim in. Positive beach music and live DJs from the area keep the mood lively and fun. See Also : Aquellum, the Futuristic Subterranean community

– The White Beach Pavilion in Jeddah festival area has two levels, a shallow area about 0.5 meters deep for kids and a larger area about 1.5 meters deep for adults.

– This one-of-a-kind event can be enjoyed by about 70 people for 15 minutes, and between 150 and 200 people do it every day on average.

People who have been in Jeddah Festival have been talking about it.

– Sarah Mohammed said, “I had a great time at White Beach.” The ball beach was so much fun for my kids and me too. The music made it even more fun, and the idea is so original. We will be back for sure.”

– Salwa went with her friends and said it was a great time in the Jeddah festival. “We had a great time splashing around in the ball pool and taking in the lively atmosphere,” she said. Everybody who wants to have a fun day should go there. People can also enjoy tasty snacks while they relax on the beach. Join Saudi Expatriates on imo messenger

– Each person needs to buy an entry ticket for 100 riyals. On the Saudi Events website, there is a fast-track option for 150 riyals. The event is open from 5 PM to midnight during the week. Thursday and Friday from 4 PM to 1 AM.

Jeddah festival events On the Move and White Beach Pavilion -
Jeddah festival events On the Move and White Beach Pavilion –


Jeddah festival events On the Move and White Beach Pavilion -
Jeddah festival events On the Move and White Beach Pavilion – Join Saudi Expatriates on Telegram
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