New amendments to Saudi Premium Residency

New amendments to Saudi Premium Residency (Permanent and Fixed-term) law


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issued a royal order to amend the Saudi Premium Residency Law of Saudi Arabia. Trending Video : Saudi Arabia discovers huge Gold resources in Makkah

As per the royal decree text, which was published by the official Umm Al-Qura newspaper, the Premium Residency is available in two forms, Permanent and Fixed-term. The age requirement of 21 years has been removed for the qualification of the Saudi Premium residency.

– However, the amended legislation does not include any provision allowing holders of Saudi Premium Residency to acquire Saudi citizenship.

– According to the newspaper, an amendment has been made to the definition of “family” as stated in Article 1 of the legislation. The revised definition reads as follows: “Family: Individuals who are financially dependent on the holder of Premium Residency, including spouses, children, and parents, in strict compliance to the regulations.”

– Additionally, subparagraph H of paragraph 1 of article 2 was revised to read as follows: “The liberty to enter and exit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia without any visa to the Premium Residency holder and his family members.” Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia introduces 5 new Saudi Premium Residency products

– Additionally, paragraph 2 of Article 2 has been revised to read as follows: “In a manner that is in line with the regulations in effect in the Kingdom, the regulations shall establish the rights, benefits, and other obligations, as well as the provisions governing the matters stated in this article.”

– Permanent and fixed-term residency were designated as the new categories of residency in Article 3 of the legislation.

– The products proposed by the Council for the Saudi Premium Residency categories referenced in Paragraph 1 of Article 3, as well as the financial compensation it believes suitable to collect for them, are issued by the Council of Economic and Development Affairs by decision.

– The regulations clarify the protocols and mechanisms related to the information explained in this article.

– Additionally, the following subparagraph B of paragraph 1 of article 4 was removed: “The age of the applicant must not be less than 21 years.” Recommend : Airports in Saudi Arabia set to introduce “Passenger with No Bag” service

– The amendments included a modification to Article 5 of the legislation as follows: “Upon fulfillment of the requirements specified in Article 4, the Premium Residency Center shall evaluate the application and consider granting the applicant Premium Residency, a determination shall be provided by the center’s head in accordance with the regulations and provisions of the law, unless the interest states otherwise.”

– Subparagraph A of Paragraph 1 of Article 6 was modified to read as follows, as reported in the Official Gazette, “Payments of the financial compensation authorized by the Council of Economic and Development Affairs.”

– It was stated that the following modification had been made to Paragraph 3 of Article 6: “The regulations establish the procedures required for the issuance of the Premium Residency and its implementation.”

– As per the amendments, Article 8 has been canceled. This article previously stated that “for the purposes of applying other legal requirements, particularly tax provisions, the holder of Saudi Premium Residency is considered to be a resident, irrespective of the time spent outside the Kingdom throughout the year.”  See Also : Why is VPN ban in Saudi Arabia

– Further, the following paragraph from Article 10, paragraph 1, was removed: “The rights and benefits given upon the holder of Saudi Premium Residency shall be exclusively in accordance with the law.”

– “With the exception of the rights and benefits specified in the law and regulations for the holder of Premium Residency and his family, all laws, regulations, and instructions that apply to a non-Saudi resident would apply to him and his family,” was the revised wording of paragraph 3 of article 10.

– The following paragraph from Article 11, Paragraph 2, was also removed: “Premium Residency is not a guarantee of Saudi citizenship rights upon its holder.” Join Saudi Expatriates WhatsApp channel

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