Courageous 4 Pakistani pilgrims on foot arrived in Saudi Arabia

4 Pakistani pilgrims on foot arrived in Saudi Arabia on Foot for performing Umrah and Hajj


Four Pakistani pilgrims on foot arrived in Saudi Arabia in their different journeys, with the aim of performing Umrah and Hajj this year 2023. Mohammed Imran already arrived in Makkah, while Khalid Abdul Ghafoor, Zeeshan and Usman Arshad entered the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Pakistani pilgrim Muhammad Imran said, “I want to be rewarded and awarded by God Almighty,” after arriving in Makkah Al-Mukarramah on foot, pushing his simplistic cart carrying his supplies, and dressed in Ihram. Trending : External Loudspeakers in Saudi Arabia are only for Adhaan (Call for Prayer) and Iqamat

– He had travelled more than 7,000 kilometers in 8 months and left for a journey on 1st July 2022 AD, heading to his destination, the Makkah Grand Mosque, to perform Umrah and Hajj pilgrimage.

– While travelling to the Grand Mosque to complete Umrah rituals, “Sabq News” did an interview with the Pakistani visitor Muhammad Imran on King Faisal Road in Sharai.

– Imran is one of the 3 Pakistani pilgrims on foot arrived in Saudi Arabia, a 27-year-old Muslim, stated that his travel to Makkah Al-Mukarramah was made solely for receiving rewards from God Almighty and to perform the mandatory Hajj pilgrimage.

– He added that he made the decision to begin on July 1st by walking and pushing a cart filled with his provisions. A tiny tent and my travel essentials are all I need.

– He travelled 30 kilometers every day on foot from Pakistan to the Iran, and I begin walking after the dawn (Fajr) prayer and continue until sunset, after which I rest till the following day. When I finished with the Iran, I stopped in the Arabian Gulf, boarded a ship, which took me to the Kuwait, and from there I was scheduled on a plane to Riyadh, and after that I resumed walking. Most Viewed : Ramadan 2023 is expected to begin from 23rd March in Saudi Arabia

– There are wounds in my legs, but I feel happy while I am walking. I also want to see the Makkah Grand Mosque and the Holy Kaaba. The journey took 40 days to complete from Riyadh to Makkah.

– He has love for the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, said Imran (one of the Pakistani pilgrims on foot).

– Imran (one of Pakistani pilgrims on foot) said he was “happy with the hospitality of the Saudi citizens who, whenever they saw me walking on my feet, offered me hospitality such as water and food, and their kindness is not strange.”

– When asked why the Saudi and Pakistani flags were being raised together? He said, We share strong ties with the great Saudi people during the Prince Mohammed bin Salman era because of our shared commitment to Islam and the real Islamic brotherhood. He proudly stated, “I go on the grounds of the Kingdom with the Saudi and Pakistani flags side by side, bringing us together as Islamic brothers”.

Two more Pakistani pilgrims on foot arrived in Saudi Arabia on Foot :

Two other Pakistani pilgrims on foot came  to Saudi Arabia. In order to complete the required Hajj ritual and arrive to the holiest site of Islam, they travelled for about three and a half months.

– Khalid Abdul Ghafoor and Zeeshan are the second and third Pakistani pilgrims on foot departed from their hometown of Faisalabad for Makkah on December 2, 2022, with a trolley containing their personal possessions. They were from the Punjab area of central-eastern Pakistan. Recommend : Working hours for private sector during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia

– To get to their desired location, the pair travelled 30 kilometers per day. After three months and 12 days, they eventually crossed the UAE border and entered the Kingdom. They still need to travel 1500 kilometers to get to Makkah’s Holy Kaaba.

– Sharing their thoughts in a conversation with the Pak Media Forum (PMF) in Saudi Arabia, they thanked Allah Almighty for giving them the fortitude to walk on foot for the holy pilgrimage. They want to get there as soon as they can now that they have entered Saudi Arabia.

Pakistani student entered Saudi Arabia after walking 4,000 km :

Usman Arshad, a student from Pakistan, one in 4 Pakistani pilgrims on foot entered Saudi Arabia this week after walking more than 4,000 kilometers to Makkah in preparation of this year’s Hajj, finally finishing his “dream journey” that he began in October last year.

– The 25-year-old student’s trip, which began in his hometown of Okara in Pakistan’s Punjab region, led him through numerous nations until he arrived in the holy city of Islam. He was carrying a tiny backpack, an umbrella, and a pair of walking shoes.

– In a phone interview with Arab News on Wednesday, Arshad said, “It took me around five and a half months to reach the Kingdom and see the first roadside board of Makkah inside the holy area. Viewable Story : 6 Fruits mentioned in Holy Quran

– He first had the idea to walk to Makkah in 2021, when he walked 1,270 miles in 34 days from Okara to the Khunjerab Pass on the Chinese border to project a positive picture of Pakistan.

– He spent an additional 9 months getting ready for the Saudi pilgrimage after deciding on his plan, and with the support of his family, he was able to save up about $6,800 to meet his costs.

– I recall leaving my house in the scorching heat on October 1, 2022. Then, in both great heat and cold, my journey proceeded, Arshad added “Surely, Allah is with those who are patient.”

– Arshad claimed that his first route called for him to walk from Pakistan to Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, and then Saudi Arabia, but he had to change it along the way since he had trouble getting visas.

– Before commencing my journey, I had asked the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for assistance with getting visas, but I was unable to get a visa for Iraq, the pilgrim added.

– Arshad said he came across numerous individuals along the route who assisted him after learning about his mission.

– Arshad revealed he had entered Saudi Arabia on a visit visa because the Hajj visas were not yet being given by the Kingdom when he began his journey last year. The Hajj will take place this year in late June. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on imo messenger

– Arshad added, “I now plan to ask Saudi officials for permission to conduct Hajj on this visa, or to change its category.” He requested assistance in this subject from Pakistan’s foreign and religious affairs ministries.

– “I will pay the Hajj fee and any additional charges because I could not wait for the issuing of Hajj visas as I would not have been able to reach my location on foot within the allotted time period otherwise,” added Arshad (one of the 4 Pakistani pilgrims on foot).

Courageous 4 Pakistani pilgrims on foot arrived -
Courageous 4 Pakistani pilgrims on foot arrived – (Four Pakistani pilgrims on foot arrived in Saudi Arabia)
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