Final Exit Visa of Saudi Arabia and its 6 strict conditions

Know all about Final Exit Visa of Saudi Arabia and its conditions


The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia clarified the procedure to be followed, after the employer issues a final exit visa (Khurooj Nihai) for a resident expatriate and the worker refuses to leave the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This came in response from the Saudi Jawazat on its official Twitter account to one of the user’s inquiry, stating that, if the resident expat worker has been granted a final exit visa, it is the responsibility of the employer to follow up for the departure of the worker and not to be satisfied only by just granting the final exit visa, as the worker is still registered in the systems in your record. See Also : Download your digital Iqama online in just 1 minute

– Issuance of a final exit visa or Khurooj Nihai for the head of the family includes dependents and companions on the beneficiary’s record, even if they are outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– The Saudi Passports department further added that, if the employer does not know the location of the expat worker to whom he issued final exit visa, then please cancel the visa and register an “Absent From Work” or Huroob report.

Conditions for issuing Final Exit visa of Saudi Arabia :

1. Pay the fees, if any. (Generally issuing Final Exit Visa is free).

2. Payment of all traffic fines of the individual is must to issue a final exit visa for a worker to whom the visa is issuing.

3. The passport validity of the applicant should be 60 days or more to issue final exit visa and 90 days or more for issuing exit re-entry visa.

4. Iqama of the applicant must be valid. Recommend : Employers in Saudi Arabia to bear all these costs of the expat workers

5. A worker for whom the exit visa is to be issued should not have a vehicle registered on his name, while issuing the final exit.

6. The individual to whom visa is issuing must have a fingerprint in the Jawazat systems (for all who are of 15 years and above).

Is it possible to cancel Final Exit Visa?

The Jawazat of Saudi Arabia explained that the validity of the exit visa is 60 days, It can be cancel on paying a fine of 1,000 riyals. However, in order to cancel issued final exit the iqama of the applicant must have validity.

– Khurooj Nihai Exit visa can be canceled after the end of the final exit visa period directly through the “Tawasul” service via the Absher platform for electronic services.

– In case, the final exit has issued to the worker during his probation or training period, it cannot be canceled. Know more : Khurooj Nihai during probation period

– Earlier, The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia announced that employers can benefit from the service of issuing a exit visa during the probation period of 90 days for domestic workers through the “Absher” electronic platform.

Is it possible to issue Final Exit while the worker is outside Saudi Arabia?

According to the General Directorate of Passport in the Kingdom, the instructions do not allow the transfer of exit re-entry visa into a final exit, while the applicant is outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Is it possible to return to Saudi Arabia after the Final Exit Visa?

Saudi Jawazat stated that, the return of the worker after the final exit (Khurooj Nihai) from the Kingdom is possible with a new work visa only in the case the worker exited from the country in a regular manner and not by deported. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

Final Exit Visa of Saudi Arabia and its 6 strict conditions -

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