KSA to be Global Logistical Hub, MBS launches Master plan

To make Saudi Arabia Global Logistical Hub, Mohammed bin Salman launches Master plan


To make KSA Global Logistical Hub : Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince and Prime Minister and the head of the Supreme Committee for Transport and Logistics, has unveiled a master plan for logistics centers that aims to turn Saudi Arabia into a major worldwide logistics hub. Trending : 50,000 riyals fine for trespassing public property in Saudi Arabia

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the master plan intends to improve the Kingdom’s standing as a top investment destination and a major logistical hub, as well as to diversify the local economy. It also aspires to strengthen the infrastructure of the Kingdom’s logistical sector.

– The plan, according to the Crown Prince, is one of several ongoing initiatives that the National Transport and Logistics Strategy (NTLS) has set as goals in order to develop the logistics industry as a support for the economy and to strengthen local, regional, and international ties between global supply chains and trade networks.

– As a result of Saudi Arabia’s geographic location between three significant continents, Asia, Europe, and Africa, it also wants to strengthen partnerships with the private sector, improve the potential for job creation, and transform Saudi Arabia into a major global logistical hub. Most Viewed : GACA sets new regulations on Airlines to protect passengers

The master plan for the logistics centers includes 59 centers with a total area of ​​more than 100 million square meters and includes,

– 12 logistic centers in the Riyadh region.
– 12 logistic centers in Makkah Al-Mukarramah region
– 17 logistic centers in the Eastern Province
– 18 logistic centers in the rest of the Kingdom’s regions.

– Work is currently underway in 21 centers, provided that all centers to be completed by 2030.

– The launch of the plan is in line with the broad goals outlined in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which is based on taking into account the Kingdom’s strategic location, as well as its leading position on international trade lists and its active economic contribution to human civilization.  Recommend : We want to build a new Civilization for Future – Mohammed bin Salman

– The launch of the logistics center master plan also coincides with the Kingdom’s growing influence in assessments of the world’s energy supply. This influence was particularly noticeable during the Corona pandemic crisis and the years that followed it, when Riyadh served as the primary guarantee of the stability of the energy markets.

– These logistical hub will also support e-commerce by enabling a quick connection between logistics hubs and distribution centers in the Kingdom’s various regions, cities, and governorates. They will also provide high traceability and make it easier to issue licenses for the practice of logistic activity.

– The launch of the Fasah initiative, an e-system integrated into Saudi customs, in collaboration with the relevant government agencies, as well as the launch of the unified logistics license and the licensing of more than 1,500 local, regional, and international logistics companies, are all proof of this. For Updates : Follow Saudi Expatriates channel on Instagram

– One of the brightest prospects for economic diversification and growth in the Kingdom is the area of logistics services. The sector is now experiencing a number of significant efforts and significant advancements aimed at growing the sector and increasing its economic and developmental contributions.

– The Ministry of Transport and Logistics aims to advance the export strategy, increase investment opportunities, grow the logistics industry, and establish collaborations with the private sector.  Watch Saudi Expatriates updates at YouTube : Subscribe to Saudi Expatriates YouTube channel

KSA to be Global Logistical Hub, MBS launches Master plan - stories.Saudi-Expatriates.com
KSA to be Global Logistical Hub, MBS launches Master plan – stories.Saudi-Expatriates.com
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