Saudi Arabia to plant 600 million Trees by 2030

Saudi Arabia aims to plant 600 million Trees by 2030


Engineer Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Fadhli, who is the Minister of Environment, Water, and Agriculture in Saudi Arabia said that the Kingdom has a clear plan and a strong vision to reach the goals of the Saudi Green Initiative. The initiative plan to plant 10 billion trees across the Kingdom over the next few decades, including 600 million trees by the year 2030. Trending video : Unlock the secrets of Sunflower seeds

Al-Fadhliin a statement said, after taking part in the third edition of the Saudi Green Initiative Forum, which is currently happening in Dubai, that 43 initiatives have been started since the Green Saudi Initiative was created to achieve its main goals, such as planting 43.9 million trees across the Kingdom and recovering 94. One thousand hectares of land that has been damaged, which means a 300% rise in production capacity to cut down on carbon emissions and more than 8 gigawatts of production capacity for renewable energy projects.

– The Minister said that the goal of the initiative is to plant about 600 million trees by the Year 2030. This will be done through the Green Saudi Initiative’s approved tree-planting programs.

– He said that the Ministry is in charge of a number of projects that have to do with things like planting trees, protecting wildlife, making sure that environmental laws are followed, cutting down on pollution, and more.

– The Minister said that the Kingdom’s plan for planting trees is based on the idea of long-term growth. You can use treated water, rainwater, and salt water, all of which are reusable water sources that can be used to plant some types of trees. You can also use technology and the newest research in this field to your advantage. Most Viewed : Private sector worker can do two jobs in Saudi Arabia

The National Center for Vegetation Cover Development and Combating Desertification is starting a big project to plant over 200 million mangrove trees. This is because the center knows that mangroves are an important barrier for protecting biodiversity along the coast and preventing erosion. The CEO of the the Government Organization in Saudi Arabia who is in charge of protecting and restoring green cover stated.

– Khaled bin Abdullah Al-Abdul Qadir spoke at the Saudi Green Initiative Forum at Expo City in Dubai during COP28. He said that mangroves were found all over the Gulf region and in the Red Sea areas of Saudi Arabia, and that a huge effort was being made to both protect the mangroves that were already there and restore others.

-“People, the government, and businesses are working hard to blend it, and the plantation project in the mangroves has been going on for more than 30 years,” he said.

– As Qadir continued, “These days we have big projects in the Red Sea to restore mangroves, protect them, and plant new ones.” It is in the Gulf. We have planted almost 10 million mangrove trees so far. Read : 4 penalties for employers who employs illegal expats in Saudi Arabia

– He then said that his group was working on making national parks in the mangrove areas to bring more tourists to the Kingdom and give people who live near the mangrove areas a way to make money.

– Qadir stressed that the country was careful to only use native species in mangroves and all other attempts to plant new trees.

– It was tried in many places around the world to test different species in different places, but the results were not very good. This is very important for us and for the future of mangroves. But because we are only using local species, we have had a lot of success growing mangroves in these places, he said.

– Qadir said that rangeland restoration is another important NCVCDCR project. He also said that over 70% of the Kingdom’s land was already considered rangeland and that his group already had plans to protect these important areas. See Also : First Hydrogen truck launched in Saudi Arabia

– “We also have a plan to make these rangeland areas safer and to formalize grazing that was previously unorganized.” He said, “We will start the first stage of that in 8 million hectares. That is the first phase of setting up the grazing.”

– The official said that as part of the project, the Kingdom has just finished a study on how to plant 10 billion trees, and the plan for how to do this has already been set in stone.

– The other place where the organization works is in the oases, especially the agricultural oases that are very important to the economy. The officer told them that they were safe because of the right rules. He also said that there was a plan to protect at least 100 spots that aren’t used for farming. Like and Follow Saudi Expatriates on Facebook

Saudi Arabia aims to plant 600 million Trees by 2030 -
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