2 Saudi Astronauts Ali Al Qarni, Rayyanah Barwani on a scientific mission

2 Saudi Astronauts Ali Al Qarni, Rayyanah Barwani on a scientific mission


Four astronauts, including two Saudis Rayyanah Barnawi and Ali Al-Qarni, are on board the scientific mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which launched towards the International Space Station (ISS) yesterday, Sunday, at 00:37 (Makkah Al-Mukarramah time). The mission’s goal is to conduct scientific research experiments that benefit humanity. Trending : Ministry of Hajj and Umrah sets the deadline for Umrah permits

The Saudi Space Authority announced that Rayyanah Barnawi and Ali Al-Qarni, two Saudi astronauts, are currently on their mission at the International Space Station, where they will conduct 14 cutting-edge scientific research experiments in microgravity, including three educational and awareness experiments, with the goal of producing significant scientific findings that will help advance the development of space. The Saudi space program fulfils the aims of the Kingdom and the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030 in the sphere of space.

– The authority highlighted that it is closely monitoring each stage of the space flight via an operations center that has a team of experts in the astronaut program. This team assists the Saudi astronauts in completing their mission from launch to arrival at the International Space Station and for the entire duration of the flight.

– The authority stated that the launch to the International Space Station was preceded by a thorough examination by NASA and other agencies to ensure the technical and technical details of the launch process, through which it was revealed that the astronauts were fully prepared and had adapted to their environment in space. Most Viewed : Road to Makkah initiative

– In order to successfully enter the quarantine period, which lasted about two weeks, the authority referred to the steps that were taken prior to the space flight’s launch and the transfer of astronauts Rayyanah Barnawi and Ali Al-Qarni, as well as the mission crew, to the launch base at Cape Canaveral in the Kennedy Space Complex. The astronauts on the trip received daily training, physical testing, and medical examinations in order to stay healthy before launch and to stop pathogens from entering the “Dragon 2” spacecraft and the International Space Station during this time.

– A Falcon 9 rocket and a launch pad near Cape Canaveral, Florida, were used to propel the SpaceX Dragon 2 spacecraft into orbit.

– After a successful launch, the spacecraft “Dragon 2” is anticipated to separate and begin its course towards docking with the International Space Station. A mission control team in “Hawthorne,” California, controls this process until it is complete—about 16 hours after launch—despite the fact that the spacecraft was built to dock automatically and independently. To the International Station, with the crew having the option of completing the mission if necessary.

– While Ali Al-Qarni will be regarded as the first Saudi astronaut, Rayyanah Barnawi, the first Saudi woman to fly into space, made the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the first Arab nation from which a woman participates in a research mission in space, all the way up to the International Space Station. See Also : Procedure to request for entry permit into Makkah during Hajj

– After their successful launch to the International Space Station, the two astronauts Rayyanah Barnawi and Ali Al-Qarni’s first video from space was released by the Saudi Space Authority.

– Rayyanah Barnawi, an astronaut, wished everyone a happy day in orbit. Being a part of this historic journey is a great honor, and I appreciate the leadership and vision of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in advancing our cause. Thank you to my wonderful family and friends as well as the Saudi Space Authority. Now that we have ascended to new heights, all we want to do is pursue our aspirations.

– Ali Al-Qarni, an astronaut, said, “Oh God, praise and thanks be to you. God is to be praised for this historic time that we are experiencing. We relished the launch-related moments. We appreciate your support and assistance. We appreciate the support, empowerment, and faith shown in us as ambitious young people by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. By doing the unthinkable, My family, I am in space, the dream has come true, God willing.

– Barnawi, the first Arab woman in space, earned a BA in biomedical sciences from the University of Otago in New Zealand and a master’s degree in the same field from Alfaisal University. Viewable Story : Largest countries in the World by its size

– Barnawi has more than nine years of experience in stem cell and tissue re-engineering while working as a research laboratory specialist.

– Al Qarni earned a BA in aeronautical science from King Faisal Air Academy as well as a diploma in the subject from Vance Air Force Base in the US.

– During their 8-day stay, the astronauts are expected to undertake 14 experiments. Eleven of the tests are on microgravity, including the effects on the eyes and brain, and three are awareness-raising educational experiments involving 12,000 schoolchildren from all over the Kingdom.

– American pilot John Shoffner and commander Peggy Whitson have joined them on the International Space Station. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on imo messenger

2 Saudi Astronauts Ali Al Qarni, Rayyanah Barwani on a scientific mission - Saudi-Expatriates.com
2 Saudi Astronauts Ali Al Qarni, Rayyanah Barwani on a scientific mission – Saudi-Expatriates.com
2 Saudi Astronauts Ali Al Qarni, Rayyanah Barwani on a scientific mission - Saudi-Expatriates.com
2 Saudi Astronauts Ali Al Qarni, Rayyanah Barwani on a scientific mission – Saudi-Expatriates.com
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