What is Saudi Jawazat? How to contact it

What is Saudi Jawazat? How to contact them or get its appointment


The General Directorate of Passports (Saudi Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia rejected claims that it has a formal account on WhatsApp to assist beneficiaries.

Saudi Jawazat has additionally warned everyone to avoid engaging with fake websites, fraudulent accounts, and suspicious accounts that use their names to act as providers of services to beneficiaries. Trending : Three years ban on expats who left Saudi Arabia on exit re-entry visa and not return

– The Jawazat called people who want to use their services and receive updates and information must go to the official Jawazat platforms.

– The Jawazat demonstrated in an infographic how its “@AljawazatKSA” account name is the same throughout Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and YouTube.

– Additionally, it has stated that the following is its second official Twitter account, which is dedicated to serving the needs of customers and responding to their questions: @CareAljawazat

– The Jawazat clarified that its official email address is 992@gdp.gov.sa and that its official website is www.gdp.gov.sa. Most Viewed : Receiving domestic workers in Saudi Arabia is the responsibility of this people

What is Saudi Jawazat ?

If you are a new resident of Saudi Arabia, you may have heard the term “Saudi Jawazat” from individuals in the Saudi market, whether they be employees at your company or friends who are Saudi expats. Most of them are unaware of what jawazat is and what it is used for.

The General Directorate of Passports (GDP), commonly known as Jawazat, is one of the departments under the Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia (MOI). It is in charge of managing immigration points, Saudi citizen passports, and expatriates Iqama and  visas like issuing new Iqama, Iqama renewals, exit reentry, and final exit visa.

– There is no longer a need to visit the Jawazat offices to obtain services, as most of the services are now provided online by Jawazat through Absher Individuals, Absher Business and Muqeem, you just need to register your accounts as per your status. Recommend : Final Exit visa of Saudi Arabia

In order to visit Jawazat you need Appointment now?

If you want to use Jawazat’s services in person, you must make an appointment. By planning ahead, you not only satisfy their need but also streamline your workflow. Your requests are handled quickly and effectively with a scheduled appointment, saving you time and effort.

Procedure to book appointment with Jawazat on Absher :

1. Login to your Absher portal at https://absher.sa

2. Use “Electronic Services” tab, then click on “Appointments”. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on imo messenger

3. Click on “Passports” (Jawazat office). Click on “Proceed to Service”.

4. Click “Book New Appointment”. Select “Resident Services” then “Region” and Number of Transactions. Press “Next”.

5. In the next page, select the branch name and area of Jawazat, where you need to book appointment.

6. Choose your appointment timing, from the available list of timings in Green.

7. Confirm Appointment details. Print the Appointment or save it as PDF and share it on your phone. See Also : Download Digital Iqama online

What is Saudi Absher?

The government of Saudi Arabia offers Absher, a website and application based platform. To access to a variety of services, such as those related to passports, visas, vehicles, and job information, is made possible for citizens and residents. For many governmental services, it essentially functions as a one-stop shop. This service is provided from the Ministry of Interior departments Saudi Jawazat and Absher for Saudi citizens and resident expatriates.

What is Saudi Jawazat How to contact them or get its appointment - Saudi-Expatriates.com
What is Saudi Jawazat How to contact them or get its appointment – Saudi-Expatriates.com Viewable Story : List of largest countries by its size

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