McDonald’s KSA donates 2 Million to Gaza relief efforts

McDonald’s KSA donates 2 Million to Gaza relief efforts


McDonald’s KSA donates 2 Million to Gaza : McDonald’s in Saudi Arabia announced a donation of 2 Million riyals ($533,000) to support the relief efforts for the citizens of Gaza, May Allah help them. This contribution is the result of coordination with the relevant government authorities. Trending Video : 14 Traffic violations that can cost you up to 3000 riyals

This comes after the news of McDonald’s franchise owners in Israel have been donating 4,000 meals everyday to Israeli Defense Forces and soldiers in conflict zones. After which the boycott campaigns against the company started on social media platforms.

– In a statement posted on its official account on X, McDonald’s KSA stated that this was an independent choice and action. “Neither McDonald’s International, nor any other franchise owner in any country, had any direct or indirect involvement, or connection, with this initiative.”

– “We affirm our respect, commitment and constant consideration for our homeland and society, and we have nothing to do with what other agents do outside our dear homeland.”

– In addition, McDonald’s KSA underlined their unwavering commitment to Arab identity, patriotism, and loyalty to the Saudi community as well as their support with the Palestinian people. Most Viewed : 100 Million people used Makkah Bus service during its Trial period

– We are also proud that McDonald’s Saudi Arabia is 100% owned by Saudis and managed entirely by Riyadh International Food Company and Reda Food Services Company Limited, and all profits belong entirely to the two companies, and the role of the international company is limited only to allowing the use of the trademark locally and in cities.

– “We always clarify that our responsibility limits itself within Saudi Arabia’s boundaries and that we have no control over or accept responsibility for the actions of other franchise owners outside of Saudi Arabia”.

– As a fully Saudi enterprise, we have always been proud of our Saudi identity, our ongoing support of the national economy and community, and our adoption of social and humanitarian issues that are important to it (our community).

– We confirmed that McDonald’s Corp. is a publicly traded joint stock company that is not owned by one, but millions of individuals worldwide, including Arabs and Muslims. Read : Massive protests all over the world against Israeli aggression on Gaza

– In order to protect its commercial interests in more than 120 nations throughout the world, it never participates in politics, always swears to maintain complete neutrality, and abstains from taking any positions.

– Any action or decision made by one of its franchise owners in any nation does not speak for McDonald’s International, its rules, or its ideas and values. Thousands of people are working in McDonald’s, boycott behavior could harm their jobs.

– We conclude by praying to God to keep our beloved nation, as well as all Muslim and Arab nations, safe from harm.

– McDonald’s Kuwait donated a $250,000 dollars to relief efforts of Gaza in Palestine, while the McDonald’s Turkey donated one million dollars to Palestine. McDonald in Qatar announced 1 million riyals donation to Palestine.

– Meanwhile, McDonald’s in Egypt said, its a 100% Egyptian company owned by businessman Yassin Mansour, which is one of the largest economic entities in Egypt. It provides more than 40,000 job opportunities directly and indirectly for Egyptian citizens. The role of McDonald’s International is to allow us to use the brand locally and provide us with experience and knowledge to provide the best service to our customers. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

McDonald's KSA donates 2 Million to Gaza relief efforts -
McDonald’s KSA donates 2 Million to Gaza relief efforts –


McDonald's KSA donates 2 Million to Gaza relief efforts -
McDonald’s KSA donates 2 Million to Gaza relief efforts – Join Saudi Expatriates channel on WhatsApp
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