Launch of 1st Phase of Riyadh Bus Network, for easy travel

Launch of 1st Phase of Riyadh Bus Network covering 15 lanes


The launch of the “Riyadh Bus network” service and was announced by the Royal Commission for the City of Riyadh as a component of the King Abdulaziz Public Transportation Program in Riyadh.

More than 340 buses are in use during this phase, transporting passengers to and from 633 stations and stopping spots. The “Riyadh Bus” network, with a total of 86 lanes, includes 15 lanes on this phase. Trending : Saudi Arabia now introduces “Riyadh Air” a brand-new airline

Riyadh Bus Network Project :

After a long time of waiting, Today, the Riyadh Public Transport Project formally announced the beginning of its first phase, which includes the following.

* 15 tracks within the Capital city.

* 340 buses pass through several bus stops.

* This phase serves 633 bus stops.

– Riyadh Bus Network buses to operate from 5 AM in the morning until 12 AM of the mid night, and you can use the trail card or its electronic application to book tickets for this bus easily and without having to stand around for a long time. One can also use the following ways to purchase a ticket.

* Pay using Darb service card. Most Viewed : World’s largest Modern DownTown in Riyadh by 2030

* Through Riyadh Bus Application from Google Play and App Store.

* Vending machines available at all parking points and stations. You can purchase Darb trial card from there.

* Can be paid using bank cards including Mada, Mastercard and Visa.

* Can use e-wallets like Apple Pay on smart devices to pay for ticket. Read : More information on Riyadh Bus

– The ticket price or Riyadh Bus is 4 riyals, no ticket (Free) for the child of 6 years or less. Purchased ticket is valid for only 2 hours, and the validity of it starts from the time of entering the bus until the time of exit. You can transfer from one vehicle to another, if the validity period of the ticket continues and has not expired yet.

– Riyadh Bus network is planned for a total length of 1,900 km, extending to 86 lanes and the number of buses to be more than 800 during its 5 phases, with the aim of serving 2,900 bus stops and stopping points. Alert : Saudi Public Prosecution set the penalties for attacking on public facilities

– The “Riyadh Bus” service, according to the authority, will help protect the environment and public health in the city by running buses that are environmentally friendly and run on “low Sulphur” fuel. It will also help reduce air pollution caused by carbon dioxide emissions from vehicle exhaust and lessen reliance on private cars by making public transportation accessible, safe, and comfortable.

– The King Abdulaziz Public Transport Project in Riyadh implements an integrated network of trains and buses, works to meet the city’s current and planned future mobility requirements, offers a modern and secure transportation service in various parts of the capital, and offers smart city solutions for its residents and visitors, thus contributing to the growth and improvement of its urban environment.

– The “Riyadh Metro” network, the backbone of the city’s public transportation system, is made up of 6 lines with a combined length of 176 kilometers and 85 stations. There will be numerous phases to the King Abdulaziz project for trains and buses in Riyadh. During the fourth quarter of the year, it will begin running the first phase of the “Riyadh Bus Network” service and continue until the entire network is operational.

– In order to travel to work, school, and leisure destinations, the “Riyadh Bus Network” service will reduce the demand for private vehicle use, which will improve traffic congestion in Riyadh and make it easier for all segments of society to move around. Subscribe to Saudi Expatriates channel on YouTube

Launch of 1st Phase of Riyadh Bus Network, for easy travel -
Launch of 1st Phase of Riyadh Bus Network, for easy travel –

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