Children found alive in Forest, after 40 days of Plane Crash

Children found alive in Forest, after 40 days of Plane Crash – Truly a Miracle


Four small children found alive in forest, who went missing last month after their plane crash in the Amazon rainforest, they were discovered alive on Friday, as per the Colombia’s defense minister. See Also : A Saudi man did not sleep for nearly 40 years

“A Joy for the whole country!” Friday night, Colombian President Gustavo Petro tweeted a picture of the four siblings receiving medical attention from rescue personnel dressed in forest camouflage.

– The kids, who were 13, 9, 4, and 1 years old, survived 40 days in the forest. Mother and two other people died in the plane crash, according to a report of the Washington post.

– “They were the only ones there. They set an excellent example of complete survival. It will remain in history, those kids are the children of peace and the children of Colombia, Petro told the local media.

– The rescue effort, now known as Operation Miracle, involved more than 100 military personnel and Indigenous volunteers searching for the children over a large region. The youngsters, who are also Indigenous, are currently receiving medical attention before being sent to a hospital in San José del Guaviare, the department’s administrative center. Most Viewed : Birth of a newborn with only one eye

– Last month, Petro tweeted that the kids had been located, only to later contradict the statement. The hunt went on.

– The Civil Aviation Authority of Colombia reports that shortly after takeoff on May 1, the pilot of the small plane, which was headed for San José del Guaviar, radioed an emergency call regarding an engine problem. Then, the plane vanished from radar’s view. Later, rescuers discovered the crash site and three bodies, including pilot, the mother of the children and another relative.

– The back of the plane, which suffered less damage in the collision, was where the kids were sitting, according to a report of “children found alive in forest”.

– Soon after a search, there was hope that children were still alive. The first find was a pair of children’s tennis shoes that were found close to the crash site. Rescuers later discovered a bottle, a nappy and some half eaten fruit.

– On May 17, they discovered an apparent child-made makeshift shelter where they discovered scissors, hairbands, and little footprints. Recommend : Kaaba kiswah raised up from the ground, marking the beginning of Hajj 2023 season

– Just a few hours later, the Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF), the nation’s child protection agency, issued a statement confirming that it had learned the kids were “alive and in good health.” However, difficulties in getting in touch with the kids, which the military blamed to challenging terrain and bad weather, caused uncertainty on the kids’ safety and whereabouts.

– Later, Petro expressed regret for his original tweet. After that, fifty more military personnel were sent to assist in the search; more than 100 rescuers were already scouring the deep bush.

– According to local media, the search teams left whistles for the kids to blow, distributed thousands of flyers, and played a voice of the kids’ grandmother pleading with them to remain still.

– Gen. Pedro Sánchez, head of Colombia’s Joint Command of Special Operations, told the Associated Press that it was challenging to find the children throughout the search procedure. He compared it to discovering a little flea that moves randomly inside of a huge rug. Read : 5 tips to reduce the harm caused by plastic utensils

– According to the Colombian Air Force, the kids were finally located roughly 3.5 kilometers, or 2.1 miles, from the scene of the initial incident. Children are seen being lifted into a helicopter more than 60 meters (nearly 200 feet) in the air while it is raining in a video that the Ministry of Defense posted late Friday.

– Although the situation is not entirely unusual of children found alive in forest, it is still unclear how the kids survived alone for weeks in the biggest rainforest on earth.

– According to a statement from the Organization of the Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon, their continued existence is evidence of a “knowledge and relationship with the natural environment of life,” which is “learned from the mother’s womb and practiced from a very early age. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Twitter

Children found alive in Forest, after 40 days of Plane Crash -
Children found alive in Forest, after 40 days of Plane Crash –
Children found alive in Forest, after 40 days of Plane Crash -
Children found alive in Forest, after 40 days of Plane Crash – (Children found alive in forest)
Children found alive in Forest, after 40 days of Plane Crash -
Children found alive in Forest, after 40 days of Plane Crash – Follow Saudi Expatriates on Instagram
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