Stoning ritual at Jamarat in Hajj & Where do pebbles go

Stoning ritual at Jamarat in Hajj, Where do 100 million pebbles go after Hajj


The Hajj ritual that is practiced the most is the “stoning the devil” at Jamarat. At one Jamarat (Jamarat Al-Aqaba) of three, pilgrims carry out the practice on the first day of stoning, which is on the 10th Dhul Hijjah, or the Day of Sacrifice or Eid Al-Adha. Trending : Saudi Arabia now started issuing Umrah visas

The pilgrims throw seven stones each at the three Jamarahs during the course of the following two or three Tashreeq days (Ayyam Al-Tashreeq).

How many stones do you throw at Jamarat?

– The pilgrims throw seven small stones, each at Jamarat Al-Sugra (the smallest pillar), Jamarat Al-Wusta (the middle pillar), and Jamarat Al-Aqaba (the largest pillar).

Why do Muslims throw stone during Hajj?

– This is in remembrance of Prophet Ibrahim’s denial to Satan (devil), seven stones are thrown at each of the three pillars. Muslims believe that the devil approached the Prophet Ibrahim in Mina and attempted to convince him not to surrender to God’s will. This ritual is to express their hatred for Satan (Devil). Most Viewed : Know about the Holy site of Mina, from where the Hajj rituals begin

In the Year 2023 (1444 AH), More than 1.84 million pilgrims performed Hajj :

So this year, more than 90.4 million pebbles were used for the stoning ceremonies over the course of these three days, with each pilgrim using a total of 49 pebbles, compared to 70 pebbles for those who stayed in Mina on Friday night and conducted the ritual on the following day.

– This means that throughout the 1444 Hajj journey, which finished on Saturday (1st July 2023), more than 100 million pebbles were used.

Where do these Jamarat pebbles go after the stoning ritual of Hajj :

After all travelers have left Mina by Saturday evening and the Mina valley and Jamarat have been vacant once more until the arrival of pilgrims for the Hajj the following year, many people must be wondering what will happen to the more than 100 million of these pebbles after the stoning ritual of Hajj at the Jamarat complex in Mina. Recommend :

– The investigation into this subject reveals that the Saudi government made extremely careful and scientific measures to treat these pebbles in the most hygienic and admirable manner. See Also : The Day of Arafah

– After the pilgrims have finished the ceremonies of stoning the Jamarat, the procedure of dealing with the stones collected on the first, second, and third days of stoning will start.

– According to Ahmed Al-Subhi, one of the staff members of the Kidana Development Company, which is the major developer of the holy sites and has its headquarters in Mina. The pebbles fall vertically downward on the three pillars of all four levels of the Jamarat plant at a depth of up to 15 meters and land in the basement.

– The stones are gathered by a number of conveyor belts, and then a procedure to clean them of impurities begins by filtering and water-spraying them. Following the Hajj season, they are then loaded onto cars to be stored later.

– The cleaned pebbles will then be loaded onto cars and driven to particular locations where they will be stored until after the Hajj season is over.  Join Saudi Expatriates WhatsApp group

– The Kedana Company, the primary developer of the Holy Sites, and the Makkah-based Hajj & Mu’tamer’s Gift Charitable Association have collaborated to undertake a top-notch effort to assist pilgrims at the Holy Sites.

– According to the expected number of pilgrims, experts estimate the required tons of pebbles.

– Along with the Jamarat Bridge facility in Mina, the developer of the holy sites also offers bags of pebbles for pilgrims to throw at the Jamarat. Additionally, there are 300 communication points for pilgrims in Muzdalifah, in addition to the Jamarat Bridge facility in Mina.

– Last year, the organization gave the Jamarat more than 80,000 bags for pebbles to stoning at Jamarat. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

Stoning ritual at Jamarat in Hajj & Where do pebbles go -
Stoning the devil at Jamarat in Hajj & Where do pebbles go –
Stoning ritual at Jamarat in Hajj & Where do pebbles go -
Stoning ritual in Hajj & Where do pebbles go –
Stoning ritual at Jamarat in Hajj & Where do pebbles go -
Stoning the devil ritual at Jamarat in Hajj & Where do pebbles go –
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