MOH Advice on Swimming to avoid Children Drowning

Ministry of Health Advice on Swimming to avoid Children Drowning


The Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia has issued a warning against being careless when dealing with families who have children who cannot swim as this leads to child drowning, which results in a number of fatalities and injuries. Trending : Employers can now pay Work Permit Fees using credit cards and Mada cards

This is important as children are among those most at danger of drowning, especially those who live close to swimming pools and other open water sources.

– A total of 275 drownings in swimming pools were reported in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the course of the last 7 months, with 54 occurrences in Riyadh, 95 in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, 19 in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, and 31 in the Eastern Province.

– There were also 13 instances in Asir, 20 cases in Al-Qassim, 3 cases in Hail, 6 cases in Tabuk, and none on the northern borders. Jizan had 23 cases, Najran had 6 cases, Al-Baha had 4 cases, and Al-Jouf had 1 case.

– The Ministry of Health also began an awareness campaign with the tagline “Your Summer is Your Guest” to inform the public about the most crucial health recommendations for the summer months, the most crucial of which is the recommendation to swim, as drowning is the third leading cause of accidental death worldwide. Most Viewed : A fine of up to 900 riyals on a vehicle driver for this violation – Saudi Moroor

– The Ministry of Health provided advice on how to prevent drowning, including teaching children to swim from a young age while also teaching them survival techniques, monitoring safety features in swimming pools and surrounding barriers, supervising children while they swim, and making sure an adult is nearby in case of any drowning incidents.

– In swimming pools, make sure the area around the pool is clear of any sharp objects, glass, or other debris that could cause slipping or obstruction. Also, make sure children who are unable to swim are wearing life jackets to prevent drowning. Lastly, make sure the pool is not exposed or surrounded by a fence.

Over 2.5 million people have drowned in last 10 years – World Health Organization :

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in the last 10 years, more than 2.5 million people worldwide have drowned to death, the majority of whom were children under the age of 9 years. Recommend : Al-Hilal offer Mbappe the most expensive Football offer ever

– Children between the ages of 1 to 4 years and 5 to 9 years experience the highest rates of drowning across all age groups, according to the WHO, underscoring the urgency of taking immediate action to safeguard future generations.

– As per the World Health Organization, “increasing investment in preventive measures, such as teaching basic swimming skills and providing child care, could save the lives of more than 774,000 children worldwide by the Year 2025, and this could also prevent potential economic losses of more than $400 billion in low and middle income countries, which suffer the most from child drowning deaths.”

– The World Health Organization also stated, “Drowning is an underappreciated but deadly public health issue, causing more than 2.5 million deaths over the past 10 years, with 90% of deaths occurring in low and middle income countries,” this comes in a statement on the occasion of World Day for the Prevention of Drowning 2023. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

MOH Advices on Swimming to avoid Children Drowning -
MOH Advices on Swimming to avoid Children Drowning –
MOH Advices on Swimming to avoid Children Drowning -
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