Iqama issuance and renewal Fee 2023 of Saudi Arabia

Iqama issuance and renewal Fee 2023 of Saudi Arabia


Iqama issuance and renewal Fee 2023 : Being an expat in Saudi Arabia, are you planning to renew your iqama or residence permit in Saudi Arabia, trust me this is not your job, it is the job of your sponsor or employer. However, you must need to aware of the procedure and prices related to the iqama renewal. So that you can be alert and expect what all is happening. In order to renew iqama, your employer must pay, iqama fee, work permit fee and dependent fee (If you have any dependents in Saudi Arabia). For your dependents you will be the responsible for the dependent fee and your employer will only pay iqama fee for them. Most Viewed : Download your Digital iqama

Iqama issuance or Renewal fee 2023 in Saudi Arabia :

An Iqama can be issued or renewed at a fee of 650 Saudi Riyals each year, which is allowed to be paid in three equal installments.

* 3 months Iqama fee : 163 Riyals.

* 6 Months Iqama fee : 325 Riyals.

* 9 Months Iqama fee : 488 Riyals.

* 12 Months Iqama fee : 650 Riyals.

Work Permit or Maktal Amal Fee 2023 in Saudi Arabia :

Work permit or Maktab Amal fee is also linked with Iqama, your employer must have paid it, at the time of issuing your iqama. The work permit fee for a month is 800 riyals for the companies that have less than 50% of Saudi citizens and 700 riyals per month on a iqama for the companies that have more than 50% of Saudi nationals, it can also be paid in installments. Trending : Saudi Employers to pay 7 things for their workers

For companies with less than 50% of workers are Saudi citizens :

* 2,400 riyals for 3 months

* 4,800 riyals for 6 months

* 7,200 riyals for 9 months

* 9,600 riyals for 12 months

For companies with More than 50% of workers are Saudi citizens :

* 2,100 riyals for 3 months

* 4,200 riyals for 6 months

* 6,300 riyals for 9 months

* 8,400 riyals for 12 months

Dependent Fee for 2023 in Saudi Arabia :

If an expat has dependents with him in Saudi Arabia, then the dependent fee for each person is 400 riyals per month. It is also can be paid in installments. Recommend : Procedure to apply for Family visit visa online

* 1,200 riyals dependent fee for 3 months for each person.

* 2,400 riyals dependent fee for 6 months for each person.

* 3,600 riyals dependent fee for 9 months for each person.

* 4,800 riyals dependent fee for a year for each person.

Health Insurance Fee :

Beside this all costs, your employer also needs to pay for your health insurance, your iqama cannot be renewed or issued, unless you have a valid medical insurance. The health insurance fee is depends on the insurance company you selected and the class you opted for. Related : Check your Medical Insurance validity online in Saudi Arabia

No Work permit fee for Domestic workers in Saudi Arabia :

Domestic Workers do not have work permit fee, however, the Saudi employer must pay applicable fee for holding more than 4 domestic workers, while the expat employers must pay applicable fee for holding more than 2 domestic workers. Read : Splitting of iqama fee is not available for domestic workers

Saudi Arabia exempted for Small Businesses :

Until March 2024, companies with less than 9 employees, including a full-time Saudi national, are excused from paying the charge for employing foreigners for up to two workers. If in addition to the full-time Saudi employer, the company also employs at least one other Saudi national, the exemption is increased to four employees.

Conditions for issuing or renewing Iqama (Residence Permit) in 2023 :

* Iqama fee must be paid

* Work permit must be paid.

* Traffic fines must be paid, if any.

* Health insurance must be valid.

* For those who have dependents, their dependent fee must be paid. See Also : 6 strict conditions of Final Exit visa

Fine for not renewing Iqama on time in 2023 :

Iqama must be renewed within 3 days of its expiry date, those who failed to do it, must pay the fine.

* 500 riyals for the first time.

* 1,000 riyals for the second time.

* Deportation of expat worker, in case of third time. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Isntagram channel

Iqama issuance and renewal Fee 2023 in Saudi Arabia -
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