New Rights and Care of Elderly (60+ years) in Saudi Arabia

Rights and Care of Elderly people in Saudi Arabia, Know its Penalties on Violating it


The Public Prosecution in Saudi Arabia clarified the penalties imposed against the family members as per the law of Rights and Care of Elderly people, for those who refuse to support or mistreat their elderly, it includes jail term for a period of up to 1 year and a fine of up to 500,000 riyals.

The Saudi Public Prosecution highlighted that the elderly has the right to live with their family and one must shelter and take care of elderly by providing with the necessary needs, including housing, food, clothing, health, physical, psychological, social and recreational care.

– The authority explained that the responsibility of caring for the elderly in need falls be on the family members, as per the following sequence. Recommend : 10 Amazing benefits of Drinking Water, its Defects on..

* The maintenance of an elderly needy person shall be on the Husband or Wife, if the elderly wishes, in case that is not possible, then its on his father, if he can able to, then on his male children.

* If that also not possible, then on one of his male grandchildren, after it the responsibility is on one of brothers. The responsibility of support will be transferred to whomever the elderly wants, with the presence of someone who has priority over him.

– The authority stated that, in case of disagreement of failure of any of the family members to support, the competent court shall determine the breadwinner from among his family members, taking into account the interest of the elderly, as per the law of Rights and Care for the elderly.

– Saudi Arabia provides great protection and special care for the elderly people and the law of Rights and Care of elderly governs the procedures for dealing with this preciously segment of the society. See Also : Required ideal Sleeping hours for Human body of all age groups

– Article (3) of the law guaranteed the elderly people the right to live with their family and that their shelter and care were the responsibility of family members in accordance with the sequence stipulated in Article (6) of the Law.

– While, Article (15) of the Law specifies that the breadwinner of the family is not allowed from disbursing money of the elderly without their consent. It is also prohibited to deliberately violate rules for the protection and care of the rights of the elderly people who are in need, in addition to the intentional misuse of money owed to the elderly people by those who are entrusted with the authority for its disbursement.

– The Law to Protect the Rights of the Elderly People guarantees several privileges and discounts for Saudi citizens of age 60 years and above. There are several regulations in the Law with the aim of protecting the rights of the elderly people and ensuring their care and welfare. Viewable Story : Holidays in Saudi Arabia 2023

– The executive regulations of these Law consist of 19 explanatory articles, which include the provision of a system of support programs and aid for the elderly who have reached the age of 60 years in Hijri. The services that will be given to the senior citizens under the regulations include financial assistance, medical instruments, privilege cards, discounts and priorities to complete the procedures, and programs dedicated to improve the quality of their life.

– The regulations in the Law protects the physical and psychological rights of the elderly people. As it states that elderly people have the right to live with their families, who in turn must respond to their needs in dignity. Under the Law, it is not allowed to send an elderly man or woman to a shelter or care facility without their consent. Follow Saudi Expatriates channel on imo messenger

New Rights and Care of Elderly (60+ years) in Saudi Arabia -

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