New amended penalties on Labor Law violations

MHRSD issued new amended penalties on Labor Law violations in Saudi Arabia


New Amended penalties on Labor Law violations : The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) in Saudi Arabia announced that, if an employer keeps a worker’s or his family’s passport or residency permit (iqama), he will be fined 1,000 riyals. Trending : Wage Protection Program of Saudi Arabia

This fine is part of a ministerial decision based on the updated table of penalties on labor law violations and fines. The MHRSD published the final draft of the schedule, as per the report of Saudi Gazette.

– The final draft was created after modifying the list of penalties on labor law violations, set forth in a ministerial resolution dated Jamad Al-Awwal 5, 1443 to reflect royal directives, new amendments to the Labor Law, ministerial decisions governing the labor market, and the implementation of Chapter 15 of the Labor Law, particularly related to penalties.

– The employer’s failure to follow the occupational protection, safety, and health regulations authorized by the ministry as well as his failure to take the required safeguards to protect workers in all operations is a significant violation, according to the amended table of penalties on labor law violations. For this violation, there will be fines between 1,500 and 5,000 riyals. The company owner or his representative is liable for any incidents that may occur on the company’s premises. Most Viewed : Leaves on Death, as per Saudi Labor Law

– The ministerial resolution further said that failure to provide a designated childcare facility or nursery for a firm with 50 or more employees constitutes a non-serious violation that carries an 5,000 riyals fine. It is stated that there must be at least 10 children of their workers, all of them must be under the age of six.

– According to the new table of penalties on labor law violations, hiring children under the age of 15 is a serious offense that carries fines ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 riyals. Employing working women in the 6 weeks following childbirth is also a serious violation that carries an 1,000 fine on the employer.

– The ministerial decree states that it is a significant breach for an employer to hire a non-Saudi worker without first acquiring a work visa or informing the Ajeer Program, and 10,000 riyals fine would be levied on employer. Recommend : Article 117 on Sick Leave in Saudi Labor Law

– Additionally, there are strict rules in place to stop job discrimination of any kind. A fine of 3,000 riyals will be imposed in case that any form of discrimination is discovered, whether it be against employees or job applicants in terms of working conditions and regulations, while hiring or publishing advertisements, or in salaries between men and women workers in a job of equal value, or in any work that eliminates and multiplies equal opportunities.

– There will be a fine of 300 riyals in the event of failure to pay workers salaries and their dues in the official currency of the country on their due dates specified in their approved bank accounts, or withholding the worker’s wages or part of it unless there is a judicial verdict.

– For the following offenses, an SR 5000 fine will be applied. Failure of the organization to create a committee to look into cases of workplace misconduct, or to look into it and recommend disciplinary action against those found guilty within five working days of receiving the complaint, or to impose disciplinary action against the offending employee in cases of workplace misconduct after the committee’s recommendation against those found guilty within 30 days of the conviction date. Viewable Story : All the Kings of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

– Within 60 days of receiving notice of the administrative decision, the violator is required to pay the fine that has been imposed on him. If implementation is not made during this time, the ministry’s services will be halted for him until the fine is paid in accordance with the guidelines in the executive rules of penalties on Labor Law violations.

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