A Saudi man did not Sleep for 40 Years

A Saudi man did not Sleep for 40 Years and the reason is Unknown


In one of the oddest cases of the world, a Saudi man did not sleep for 40 years, he claimed to have not slept or even tasted sleep in nearly forty years. He is 70 years old now. Trending : Automation of monitoring 7 traffic violations in Saudi Arabia

Saud bin Muhammad Mohsen Al-Ghamdi detailed the incident of “A Saudi man did not sleep for 40 years”, to the “MBC in a Week” program that he visited several sheikhs and hospitals to determine the cause of his sickness. The situation may not be believed by many, but it is a reality that this citizen lived through.

– He added that, he went to several hospitals, and doctors prescribed treatment for him, and despite that, the situation did not change for him, as he continued to suffer from insufficiency, satisfaction and anxiety.

– He claimed that after receiving a psychiatric depression diagnosis from the doctors, he sought the advice of several sheikhs but saw no improvement, showing that despite his suffering, he leads a fulfilling life and is successful in his work. Most Viewed : Free Hajj offered to an elderly Pakistani man who went viral on Social media during his visit to Madina

– According to a report, he was suddenly struck down by the condition while on a military mission because he is a member of the military corps, and he went nearly twenty days without sleeping. After the mission was over, he went back to the hospital to get diagnosed and treated, but he was unable to locate a facility that would do so.

– The Saudi national continued, “I spent many years visiting hospitals without success until a medical committee was formed from four nations to study my case and determine its causes. However, the committee decided that there was no treatment for me, but it showed that my main problem is depression, and I have no choice but to be given sleeping pills, which will not help me fall asleep.

– When the Emir of Al Baha region heard his story and met him, he said he had only one wish, to have a family car, upon hearing his wish, Al Baha’s Emir gifted him a car in the Year 2018. Related : A Saudi man did not sleep for 30 years

– Now, he (Saudi man did not sleep for 40 years) does not want anything from the world but to help him and guide him to any place where he might find treatment, to live a normal life as other ordinary people live.

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