Sheybarah Island with 70 beautiful floating villas in Red Sea

Saudi Arabia’s Sheybarah Island turning into an iconic resort with Stainless-Steel floating Orbs in the Red Sea

Installation of the first floating villa has been started in the Sheybarah Island of the Saudi Arabia, after it were delivered to the island by marine tanker, it is located in the south east of The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC) archipelago on the Red Sea.

TRSDC now branded itself as Red Sea Global last year. The Sheybarah Island project includes more than 70 floating villa room pods, which raised eyebrows across the world with its design, featuring overwater imprint of floating orbs, by reducing the effects of ground water. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Telegram

– Sheybarah island resort is a 73-villa hyper luxury resort situated on the Sheybarah Island, which is 45 minutes by boat from the mainland. These pods uses a design vocabulary allowing a highly reflective stainless steel polished in order to get a mirror touch.

– The colors and surface patterns of the ocean and the sky are reflected in these floating villa orbs as they change throughout the day. With its reflective mirror surface, this strategy reduces the visual impact of the architecture on the surroundings while capturing solar energy.

– These stainless-steel orbs, which orb weighs around 150 tons, created by Killa Design, the mind behind Dubai’s new Museum of the Future, promise to provide visitors with a singular experience when the resort opens. Recommend : Sick Leave as per the Latest Saudi Labor Law (Article 117)

– The Grankraft is a partner of The Red Sea Development Company enrolled to create over 70 futuristic floating bubble overwater villas with seamless polished stainless-steel surfaces, which can reflect the water and environment.

– These orbs are currently manufactured and built off-site at Grankraft’s factory in Sharjah Free Zone. Grankraft designed the spheres so that the skin is thermally isolated from the structure and each sphere takes about 45 days to construct.

– As per the Killa Designs, the whole project is powered by a centralized solar farm, and freshwater is supplied from a solar powered desalination plant. See Also : Holy Quran printing Complex in Madina now open for Visitors

– Recycling of the waste material takes place on the island, reducing the need to bring or remove materials from the island. Red Sea Global is responsible for developing the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourism projects on the Kingdom’s Red Sea coastline.

– These floating villas will have sliding doors that open to a deck, a seating space and an infinity pool with views of the Saudi Arabia’s untouched waters.

– The Sheybarah island unique ecosystem includes dense mangroves, desert plants, coral flats, and one of the world’s most stunning, pristine coral reefs with a variety of marine and avian species. Watch in a Story : Sheybarah Island of Saudi Arabia

– The island includes over 70 villas, fitness and entertainment facilities, a diving center for guests and distinctive restaurants and it will open during the next year. Staying here provides an opportunity to enjoy the utmost comfort and relaxation, as it is surrounded by crystal clear waters.

– Sheybarah extends over a vast area and includes 30 to 40 meters of coral reefs near the shore, which will provide its tourists with a unique opportunity to explore marine life.

– The Red Sea Global Company is one of the most ambitious real estate development companies in the world by adopting a business model based on bringing about positive change in residential communities, work environments, and the hospitality and hospitality sector. And as the developer of the “Red Sea” and “Amaala” destinations, two luxury and renewable tourism destinations that will set new standards for building a sustainable tourism sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most Viewed : Sindala Island of Neom in Saudi Arabia

Floating Villas on the Sheybarah Island of Red Sea -

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