Not enough salaries for 3 weeks at least – A shocking Study

Not enough Salaries for 3 weeks at least in 7 Arab countries – A recent Study


A recent study revealed the effects and consequences of high inflation rates, not enough salaries for 3 weeks at least for workers and employees in several Arab nations, which coincided with waves of high prices that were unimaginable and affected many basic foods and reduced the purchasing power of income for the majority of families.

The study’s participants discussed how much money these employees and workers make each month, when their pockets run dry, exactly where they spend their money, and whether they have any savings. Trending : Download and Print Digital Iqama in Saudi Arabia

– After conducting a survey in 13 Arab nations with 1170 participants from various levels, the study came to its results not enough salaries for 3 weeks at least. By this poll, the participants revealed how the worldwide wave of rising prices has affected their salaries.

– According to the survey, most people in the 7 Arab nations of Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, and Jordan run out of money before the end of the third week rather than before the end of the month, as they do not enough salaries for 3 weeks at least.

– More than 94% of employees in the same seven nations, according to the study conducted by the “Eram” website, spend their pay before the end of the month.

– As 99% of research participants in Lebanon said that their pockets were empty by the end of the third week, 92.5% of participants in Iraq reported the same thing by the end of the third week, and 92% of participants in Egypt reported the same thing. Most Viewed : Employers to bear these all fees related to Expat workers

– Also, the survey (not enough salaries) revealed that 70% of participants supported a family of three to five people, compared to 56% of participants from Lebanon who spent their whole monthly income in the first week.

– After Lebanon, Tunisia came, where 47% of study participants reported running out of money in the first week while 75% of them supported three to five people, and Jordan, where the study revealed that 39% of participants spent their money in the first week while 48% supported between three and five people. The study included three to five participants.

– Whereas 36.1% of individuals who took part in the study in Morocco said that their monthly income runs out at the end of the second week of every month, 35.6% of study participants in Algeria said that their monthly income runs out at the end of the first week of the month.

– The study not enough salaries participants from Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon, and Iraq chose “food” as the top expenditure category, despite the fact that their priorities were generally equal. Other top categories included health, education, transportation, housing rent, water, electricity, clothes, loans, and entertainment. Individuals from Morocco state that they like “food and housing rent.” On the other side, participants from Jordan, Kuwait, the UAE, and Qatar stated that their main source of expenditure is the cost of housing rental. See Also : Saudi Arabia is famous for many things, 10 of them are

– Participants in the survey from Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, and Iraq said that after food and housing, water was their third-highest monthly expense, highlighting the growing role that water plays in Arab populations’ monthly expenditures.

– Even so, after housing and food, the study’s participants in Lebanon ranked their monthly bill’s “electricity” expenditure as the most burdensome. Regarding expenditures, “education” came in second in Kuwait and third in Morocco and the United Arab Emirates.

– While in Tunisia the percentage of “education” was equal to “loans” in terms of the value of spending, the responses of the study participants were different in Qatar, where the percentage of those who chose “education” was equal to those who chose “entertainment;” while the majority of participants from the Sultanate of Oman and Bahrain said that “loans” are the second source of expenditure and come between “food” as the first source and “housing rent,” which is the third source of employee budget.

– The study not enough salaries found that many participants believed entertainment had passed into obscurity because it was put tenth (last) on the list of monthly expenses by 77% of Algerians, 75% of Egyptians, and 68% of Moroccans.

– No matter their level of income, Arabs spend very little on amusement, which is one of the three least expensive categories of spending out of a total of ten. Read : Companies delaying the salaries of expat workers are violating Saudi Labor Law

– According to more than 70% of the respondents, Lebanon, Algeria, and Egypt lead the list of nations where entertainment expenditures outpace other expenditures.

– In the UAE, 51.3% of respondents said that their entertainment spending was one of their three lowest spending categories. In Kuwait, 42.9% of the sample spent money on entertainment, compared to 45% of participants in Bahrain.

– The study not enough salaries found that the majority of Arabs spend their income before the end of the month without a regular ability to save, which reflects the impact of employees on waves of high prices and inflation in 13 Arab countries. Thousands of citizens and residents, men and women of the age group above The eighteen-year-olds and those who enjoy a job were surveyed through a systematic electronic questionnaire in which they provided their opinions.

– While the other 12% of participants claimed that only one or two persons benefited from the revenue, the majority of participants 88.1% said that the income benefits three or more people.

– The study not enough salaries came to the conclusion that the percentages of ability to save a portion of income at the end of the month varied not only between the Gulf countries themselves but also between the Gulf countries and the other Arab countries. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Telegram

Not enough salaries for 3 weeks at least - A shocking Study -

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