Doctor sentenced for harassing Nurse

Doctor sentenced for harassing Nurse


Doctor sentenced for harassing Nurse : A Syrian doctor who was found guilty of sexually harassing a Filipino nurse was sentenced to five years in prison and public defamation by the Court of Appeals in the southern Asir area. The appeals court issued its decision after considering the prior judgment of the lower court. Trending Video : e-Monitoring of vehicle insurance in Saudi Arabia comes into force

In the verdict of lower court, the doctor was found guilty of harassing the nurse by touching her inappropriately, and the Criminal Court in the Asir region sentenced him to a year in prison and an 5000 riyals fine.

– Following the conclusion of the legal proceedings in the case, the court also decided to publish the summary of the judgement in the local media at the expense of the convicted party. Additionally, it granted the parties the opportunity to appeal the Court of Appeals’ decision.

– The Public Prosecution opposed to the decision and wanted the maximum five-year prison sentence outlined in the Anti-Harassment Law, so the Syrian doctor went before the Court of Appeals begging for his release.

– The Court of Appeals determined after reviewing the case that the first instance court’s punishment was moderate. In light of Article Six of the Anti-Harassment Law, the court therefore gave the doctor a five-year prison term. Recommend : Visitors of Saudi Arabia can use their International or Foreign driving license for one year

– In a complaint to the hospital administration, the Filipino nurse who co-worked with the doctor in a private hospital in Asir claimed that the doctor had harassed her sexually. The nurse also filed a complaint with the police alleging that a doctor had groped and pressed on a sensitive area of her body while she was working there.

– She recalled that the doctor had texted her from his phone, expressing regret for what he had done and claiming to have been joking. A copy of the message was provided to the petition by the complainant.

– The Public Prosecution demanded that the doctor’s employment be suspended while the case was being investigated because harassment is a serious offense that called for an arrest. The Public Prosecution held him while referring the case to the criminal court.

– The Public Prosecution opted to move on with the case in the public interest after the nurse lost her right to privacy. The public prosecutor claimed that the nurse started crying because the doctor intentionally touched a tender area of her body. She claimed in her lawsuit that the doctor had previously harassed her verbally and offered her 1000 riyals in exchange for spending an evening with him at his home. She also claimed that this was not the first time the doctor had groped her. See Also : Saudi Airlines revealed its new logo, identity and staff uniform

– The nurse said that neither witnesses nor CCTV evidence existed, but she said she still has the WhatsApp messages the doctor sent to apologize. She made the decision to give up her right to privacy since she thought the doctor should not have touched her.

– The head of the nursing department testified in front of the Public Prosecution, saying that she had received the nurse’s complaint and discovered her crying as a result of what the doctor had done to her.

– The WhatsApp texts that the doctor and nurse exchanged were produced by the Public Prosecution. The nurse asked the doctor, “Doctor, why did you touch my private part yesterday? ” during the talk. I was unable to sleep as a result of what you did.

– “I’m sorry, it was just a joke,” the doctor responds. Kindly arrive tomorrow. When I inquired about you, they informed me that you were ill. I then tried to phone you, but you did not pick up. I respect you, I’m sorry, I’m embarrassed, and I swear I was joking. Have you mentioned that to anyone? Did you inform the hospital staff? Have you made a complaint against me? Join Saudi Expatriates channel on WhatsApp

– The doctor apologized to the nurse over WhatsApp after hearing her testimony in front of a police officer and acknowledged that he had touched a sensitive area of her body while joking.

– The doctor acknowledged during questioning that he had accidentally touched her hand and shoulder. After the hospital administration threatened to report the incident to the authorities, the accused agreed to do so.

– He modified the statement when he returned. He acknowledged that, in jokes, he had stroked a delicate area of her body. He denied bothering her or luring her to spend the night with him for 1000 riyals.

– Following the investigation’s conclusion, the Public Prosecution accused the doctor of engaging in workplace sexual harassment. It made the case that the doctor’s actions violated Article 1 of the Anti-Harassment Law and were prohibited under Shariah law.

– It presented the court with five different pieces of evidence, including digital evidence. In court, the doctor denied the accusations, claiming that the harassment claim was untrue. He argued that there was no criminal purpose, as evidenced by knowledge and will, and that what he had done was an innocent mistake.

– According to the prosecution, the punishment for harassment, if it takes place at a place of employment, education, habitation, or care, is up to five years in prison or a fine of up to 300,000 riyals. Subscribe to Saudi Expatriates channel on YouTube

– The Public Prosecution issued a statement saying, “The relevant authorities in the public and private sectors must put in place the necessary measures to prevent and combat harassment within the context of the work environment, and everyone who is informed of a case of harassment has the right to inform the competent authorities to take whatever action they consider necessary.”

Doctor sentenced for harassing Nurse -
Doctor sentenced for harassing Nurse –


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