The Master plan of Al Soudah Peaks unveiled by MBS

The Master plan of Al Soudah Peaks unveiled by Saudi Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman


Saudi Crown Prince, Prime Minister and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Soudah Development Company, Mohammed bin Salman unveiled the “Soudah Peaks (Qimam Al Soudah)” master plan, which aims to create a destination, for the initiative to develop Al Soudah and sections of Rijal Almaa. Trending Video : Check if you have any Service suspension or Travel Restriction in Saudi Arabia, now via Absher

In keeping with the efforts of the Public Investment Fund in empowering promising vital sectors and supporting the region’s development strategy, a luxurious tourist mountain will be built on the highest peak in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a height of 3,015 meters above sea level, in a distinctive natural and cultural environment in the Asir region, southwest of the Kingdom.

– He affirmed that Al Soudah Peaks will reflect the new face of luxury mountain tourism by offering an unmatched living experience, and the project will contribute to achieving the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, developing the tourism and entertainment sector, and supporting economic growth by increasing the cumulative Gross Domestic Product by over 29 billion riyals, and providing thousands of jobs directly and indirectly.

– “The master plan confirms our effort to unite international efforts to preserve the environment and natural and heritage resources and preserve them for future generations, in a way that contributes to broadening sources of income while creating an economy attractive to international and local investments,” said Saudi Crown Prince. Most Viewed : Saudi Economy joins Trillion-dollar club, for the first time

– The “Soudah Peaks” project will enhance the tourism industry and bring attention to Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural heritage. The globe will have the chance to see the beauty of the Soudah Peaks and learn about its distinctive heritage, authentic culture, and welcoming community, helping to make the Kingdom a popular tourist destination. And have fantastic adventures among the trees and in the air.

– Two million tourists will be served by the “Qimam Al Soudah” project’s luxurious hospitality services throughout the year, and the general plan will be based on the local urban identity in its designs as it contains 6 key zones in prominent places, including, Jareen, Rijal, Tahlal, Sabrah, Red Rock and Sahab.

– Each zone will have a wide range of premium facilities, such as hotels, luxury mountain resorts, residential chalets, villas, and prime mansion sites, as well as amusement and commercial attractions and outdoor pursuits geared toward sports, adventure, wellness, and culture.

– 2,700 hotel rooms, 1,336 residential units, and 80,000 square meters of commercial space will be developed there by the Year 2033. Its amenities range from luxury hotels and mountain resorts, palaces and residential units with breathtaking views, and luxury stores. Recommend : Saudi Arabia condemns the provocations of extremists at Al-Aqsa and The Hague

– The first phase of the overall plan for Qimam Al Soudah, which comprises of three main phases, is expected to be finished in 2027. 391 residential units, 940 hotel rooms, and 32,000 square meters of commercial space are all being built in the first phase.

– Al Soudah Development Company is dedicated to preserving and developing natural resources in the project area, which includes Al Soudah and portions of Al Soudah. “Al Soudah Peaks” is situated on a sizable area of forests and mountains that extend to more than 627 km2, with a building area that does not exceed 1% of it. From Rijal Almaa, a group which supports the Saudi Green Initiative in its efforts.

– Al-Soudah Development is a Public Investment Fund company with the mission of creating a renowned highland tourism destination while protecting the local ecosystem and cultural heritage. See Also : Saudi Arabia has spent over $2.25 billions to host the Rohingya refugees

The Master plan of Al Soudah Peaks unveiled by Mohammed bin Salman -
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