FIFA World Cup, Saudi Arabia announces its bid to host in 2034

Saudi Arabia announces its bid to host the 2034 FIFA World Cup


FIFA World Cup 2034 : The Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) has taken a historic step by formally announcing Saudi Arabia’s desire to bid to host the FIFA World Cup in the Year 2034. Trending Video : Saudi Arabia starts displaying Caller Name and Number

The nation’s continuous social and economic development as well as its strong passion for football served as motivation for the bid, which hopes to produce a world-class event.

– The bid, which is supported by Saudi Arabia’s expanding ability in organizing major football competitions, is in line with the nation’s aspirations to host both the 2027 AFC Asian Cup and the 2023 FIFA Club World Cup, demonstrating its dedication to the world’s best sports.

– When asked about the proposal, Crown Prince and Prime Minister Mohammed Bin Salman highlighted that Saudi Arabia’s choice to contend for the FIFA World Cup in 2034 represents the country’s advancement in every field.

– The Kingdom, which is quickly becoming a major international events destination, is proud of its strong economy, rich cultural legacy, and aspirational population. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia’s population as per Census 2022

– Sport is a key component of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, a comprehensive transformation plan that aims to boost economic growth and improve quality of life.

– The proposal aims to bring together various cultures via football by offering fans all across the world an unforgettable experience.

– Saudi Arabia has gained recognition for holding more than 50 international competitions since 2018, and it is now a popular destination for male and female athletes competing in golf, tennis, equestrian, motorsports, and football.

– The Green Falcons, who have six times qualified for the FIFA World Cup, most recently in the Year 2022, won their group match against eventual champions Argentina in a historic victory.

– The Saudi Arabian Olympic and Paralympic Committee’s president, Prince Abdulaziz Bin Turki Al Faisal, who is also the country’s minister of sport, highlighted the significance of the bid by saying, “Hosting a FIFA World Cup in 2034 would help us achieve our dream of becoming a leading nation in world sport and would mark a significant milestone in the country’s transformation.” Read : Tourists Health Insurance policy covers these all health services in Saudi Arabia

– The motive behind the proposal was highlighted by Yasser Al Misehal, president of SAFF, who said, “We believe the time is perfect for Saudi Arabia to host the FIFA World Cup. Our proposal is motivated by our passion for the game and our wish to see it spread throughout the globe.

– Saudi Arabia intends to host every match when the FIFA World Cup grows to include 48 teams starting in 2026, reducing logistics, streamlining scheduling, and providing distinctive fan experiences across host stadiums and towns.

– The Saudi Pro League (SPL), one of Asia’s top football leagues, is based in Saudi Arabia, a young and dynamic country with more than 70% of the population under the age of 35.

– The league attracts spectators from across the world and features top Saudi talent and outstanding players from other countries.

– Significant improvements in young football, more coaching resources, and a significant increase in the number of registered male and female players are all indications of the SAFF’s commitment to investing in and growing the game. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

– With the creation of senior and U-17 national teams, professional leagues, and a school girls league, the women’s game has made significant advances.

– Because of the leadership’s dedication to developing the country and fostering new opportunities throughout the football ecosystem, Saudi Arabia’s bid to host the FIFA World Cup in 2034 represents a bold step toward defining the future of football.

– Shaikh Salman Al Khalifa, president of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), responded swiftly to say that he fully supported Saudi Arabia’s decision to submit a bid for the much sought-after hosting rights.

– The SAFF has submitted their intention to bid for the FIFA World Cup in 2034, and I am glad to note that, the AFC president remarked in response to the SAFF’s declaration.

– The entire Asian football community will stand as one in support of Saudi Arabia’s historic initiative, and we are committed to collaborating closely with the global football community to ensure its success, said one member of the Asian football community.

– “Saudi Arabia will host the AFC Asian Cup for the first time in history in 2027. Follow Saudi Expatriates channel on WhatsApp

– “We have full confidence that the SAFF will put on a spectacular AFC Asian Cup and will carry this confidence into putting on a memorable FIFA World Cup, providing an excellent opportunity for football fans from around the world to experience a special and spectacular celebration of the beautiful game,” the SAFF said.

– Asia will have the chance to host the FIFA World Cup in 2034 for just the third time in its history after the 2002 FIFA World Cup Korea Republic/Japan and the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 as a result of FIFA’s decisions on Wednesday to change the FIFA World Cup hosting system.

FIFA World Cup, Saudi Arabia announces its bid to host in 2034 -
FIFA World Cup, Saudi Arabia announces its bid to host in 2034 – Follow Saudi Expatriates on Instagram channel
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