1.19 million Domestic Workers joined Saudi Labor Force, in just 5 years

1.19 million Domestic Workers joined Saudi Labor Force, in just 5 years


The number of domestic workers has significantly increased during the last five years, reaching 1.19 million in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recommend : Kuwait suspends work, entry visas to Filipinos

There were roughly 3.6 million male and female domestic workers in Saudi Arabia, according to a report published by local media Okaz/Saudi Gazette.

– A total of 1.19 million domestic workers entered the Saudi labor market throughout the span of the previous five years, from 2018 to 2022, making up roughly 33.02 percent of all workers who fall under the domestic laborers.

– The monitoring found that approximately 957,000 male domestic workers had entered the labor force in the previous five years.

– As a result, out of the 2.63 million male employees who were employed during that time, 36.38 percent of them entered the Saudi labor force. Most Viewed : How to get a sim card in Saudi Arabia

– With 972,000 working women as of the most recent statistics, there were around 233,000 working women, or 23.94 percent of all working women.

– In terms of the total number of domestic workers, drivers made up the largest proportion (1.78 million male and 119 female drivers).

– With 1.73 million, servants and housekeepers came in second, while there were more than 61000 male and female cooks.

– There are only 13 women among the more than 16,000 guards, housekeepers and lavatory employees. Viewable Story : Countries with highest population of expats from its population

– The remaining employees included home farmers, home health nurses, home tailors, private teachers, at-home nannies, house managers, and nannies.

– It is notable that on May 11, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD) declared that the second phase of the Council of Ministers decision to levy domestic workers on a selective basis would go into effect.

– According to the Cabinet’s resolution, Saudi employers who employ more than four domestic workers must pay an annual fee of SR9,600 for each additional employee, while foreign employers must pay the same amount for every additional employee.

– Beginning from May 22, 2022, the Ministry began implementing the first part of the Cabinet resolution to levy domestic employees on an annual basis in the amount of SR9,600. See Also : Receiving domestic worker is the responsibility of these people in Saudi Arabia

– According to the Ministry, the first phase only applied to new domestic employees hired during the first year following the Cabinet decision, while the second phase applied to both new and existing domestic workers who exceeded the exempt number.

– A Saudi employer must pay the annual charge if he recruits a fifth domestic worker, while an expatriate employer must pay the same price if he hires a third worker, according to a resolution made by the Cabinet on March 8, 2022. Every extra employee employed by the same employer will be subject to the cost.

– On the other hand, there will be a humanitarian exception. Employees employed to care for family members who require medical attention or for individuals with special needs shall be excluded from payment under the terms and conditions set forth by the committee established for that purpose. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Pinterest

– There are nine distinct professions that make up Saudi Arabia’s domestic workforce, house managers, drivers, servants, house cleaners, cooks and caterers, guardians of homes, buildings, and rest homes, home farmers, and home tailors are a few examples of Saudi domestic workers.

1.19 million Domestic Workers joined Saudi Labor Force, in just 5 years - Saudi-Expatriates.com
1.19 million Domestic Workers joined Saudi Labor Force, in just 5 years – Saudi-Expatriates.com Read : GCC residents can now apply for Saudi Tourist visa

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