Lulu KSA is celebrating 14 years with Deals and Gifts

Lulu KSA is celebrating 14 years with Deals and Gifts


LuLu KSA is celebrating its 14th anniversary, the number 14 will be used as a theme for 36 days all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At a press meeting on Riyadh Boulevard, the big celebration of Lulu hypermarket was officially announced. This news was shown on big video screens at the event. Trending Video : Saudi Jawazat clarifies the penalty on a deported expat

The 14th anniversary video of Lulu KSA was shown on more than 100 screens at the same time at Riyadh Boulevard for Lulu’s annual announcement event. It was a unique visual to see. As a way to celebrate, LuLu Hypermarket, one of Saudi Arabia’s most popular shopping spots, is giving away 1,400 valuable gifts worth 2 million Riyals ($533,300).

– The prizes includes VIP tickets to highly anticipated football games, Apple phones, tablets, TVs, AirPods, Sony PS5, laptops, and other electronics like freezers, microwave ovens, washing machines, and gift baskets with food are some of the valuable gifts.

– From 26the 26th of November to the last day of December LuLu KSA will pick lucky winners at all of its stores in the Kingdom.

– In honor of all the LuLu Saudi Arabia employees, Basher Al-Bish, who has worked for the company for 17 years and is the oldest Saudi worker, and his 5 years old son Yusuff, who is named after LuLu Group Chairman Yusuffali M.A., were asked to cut the 14th anniversary cake at the press conference. When Al-Bish in emotion talked about how he has worked for LuLu since the beginning, even before the first store opened in Saudi Arabia. Most Viewed : Saudi authorities arrests 13 people network on Financial fraud

– Al-Bish said, “I am proud to be the first employee of LuLu KSA. LuLu is a great place to work, and the group cares so much about Saudi Arabia’s progress that it inspires us all.” “I also really like our Chairman Yusuffali Mohammed Ali. In fact, I named my son Yusuff after him,” Lulu is like his family, he added.

– There are a lot of great deals during the anniversary sale, including 14 deals from 14 “Big Brands,” great deals on basic items like rice, oil, and sugar, in-store deals, live demonstrations, hourly deals, and deals on “Products of the Day.” Branded computers, tablets, smart watches, cell phones, high-end audio devices, printing supplies, and accessories are all available.

– Along with its 33 stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, LuLu KSA Group today employs 4,500 Saudi citizens. Lulu Saudi Arabia has had a great run for fourteen years, and every customer in this country has a part to play in that. All of the Lulu stores in Saudi Arabia are still giving presents and offers. As part of the 14th anniversary celebrations, payment-based Tabby, Tamara, and Quara plans have also been made available. Recommend : Final Exit Visa for Stranded Indians in Saudi Arabia

– “The success of LuLu Hypermarket is our bond with our Saudi Arabian customers. Their trust and recognition of our quality promise has allowed us to grow so quickly over the past 14 years,” said Shehim Mohammed, head of LuLu Hypermarkets Saudi Arabia. “We have always put our customers first. This anniversary party lets us keep our promise of great service, high quality, and low prices. It’s also our way of thanking all of our customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

– Shaheed Mohammed, Director of Lulu KSA, said that the company’s huge success in 14 years is due to building relationships with each customer in the country and keeping our quality promises. We put our clients first.

– “In its 14th year, Lulu once again promises all of its customers high quality, loyal customer service, and low prices,” he added. Subscribe to Saudi Expatriates on YouTube

Lulu KSA is celebrating 14 years with Deals and Gifts -
Lulu KSA is celebrating 14 years with Deals and Gifts –


Lulu KSA is celebrating 14 years with Deals and Gifts -
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