Hajj 2023 is available only to these Categories now

Hajj Pilgrimage is available only to the holders of Hajj visa, National ID and Iqama


The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia explained that performing Hajj in the Kingdom is only available to those who holds a Saudi National Identity or those who have a valid iqama (residence permit). While those who are coming from outside Saudi Arabia must hold Hajj visa.

This came from the Ministry in response to an inquiry from one of Twitter user, in which it said, the possibility of performing Hajj is only available to those have National ID or a valid residence (iqama). Watch Story : Landscaping project in Makkah

These are the visa categories on which performing Hajj pilgrimage is not allowed (prohibited).

* Saudi Visit Visa

* Tourist Visa

* Commercial Visit Visa

* Family Visit Visa

* Personal Visit Visa

* Transit Visa

* Multiple Visit Visa

* Single Visit Visa

* On-Arrival visa

* Umrah visa

* Temporary visa

* All types of Visit visas

Saudi Citizens and Resident Expatriates who do not performed Hajj in the last 5 years are permitted for Annual pilgrimage :

– The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah allows only Saudi nationals and expats who have work visa along with a valid iqama, they must have registration and permit in order to perform annual pilgrimage. Saudi nationals and resident expatriates of Saudi Arabia can perform Hajj only once in five years. Most Viewed : Holidays for Hajj in Saudi Arabia

– The Saudi Ministry also explained that, the condition to perform the rituals of annual pilgrimage from inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the validity of their identity (National ID or iqama). Their validity must be until the month of Dhu Al-Hijjah for the main applicant and for his accompanied persons.

All types of Visa holders are allowed to perform Umrah pilgrimage :

– However, Umrah is available to all types of Saudi visa holders including to the above mentioned categories. The Ministry clarified that, they must issue a permit for Umrah from the Nusuk platform and met a condition that they are not infected or in contact with someone who is infected with the Covid-19.

Conditions for performing Hajj :

– One other condition to perform yearly pilgrimage this year is, the applicant must complete the necessary vaccines of the Covid-19, Meningitis and the seasonal Influenza and the pilgrim must not suffering from acute chronic diseases or from any infectious disease.

– One of the most prominent of the decisions this year, which benefited women in particular was their exemption from going to annual pilgrimage or Umrah with Mahram, without other conditions and it makes them easier to go to perform Hajj and Umrah. Similar : Mahram is no more required to accompany a woman pilgrim

Saudi Arabia to Welcome about 2 Million pilgrims during this Hajj season (2023) :

After lifting all the corona related restrictions on the number of pilgrims and the age limit on pilgrims, for the first time in the last 3 years, the Ministry is expected to welcome 2 million pilgrims for holy journey this year.

– In the Year 2019, Saudi Arabia hosted 2.5 million pilgrim from all over the world for the performing the pilgrimage rituals. While last year (2022), the Kingdom allowed nearly 900,000 pilgrims to perform rituals of the annual pilgrimage.

– This year’s annual pilgrimage is scheduled on June 2023 and the Minister of Hajj Al-Rabiah also touched on the use of development projects and infrastructure in Saudi Arabia to provide quality services at the holy sites.

Holy Sites are being developed at a cost of over 200 billion riyals :

Holy sites in the Kingdom are considered as the largest in the world and the Saudi Arabia are being developed it at a cost of more than 200 billion Saudi Riyals. This includes Haramain Express Train, which connects two holy sites Makkah and Madina in just two hours journey. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Google News

Hajj 2023 is available only to these Categories now - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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