Lucid in Saudi Arabia opened Kingdom’s first ever Car unit

Lucid in Saudi Arabia opened Kingdom’s first ever Car manufacturing Factory


Lucid in Saudi Arabia : The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s commitment to establishing a flexible, competitive, and sustainable industrial economy driven by the private sector is proven by the opening of the Lucid electric car factory there, according to Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Bandar bin Ibrahim Al-Khorayef. Trending Video : Working Hours in Saudi Arabia as per Labor Law

This was said by the Minister during his speech at the launch of the Lucid Motors facility for electric vehicles at King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh Governorate (Lucid in Saudi Arabia).

– On Wednesday, Lucid Group formally opened Saudi Arabia’s first-ever automobile manufacturing facility, marking a historic day for the sector.

– Al-Khorayef clarified that the National Industrial Strategy selected 12 strategic industrial sectors, including the automotive sector, to drive industrial growth in the Kingdom. Claiming that the Kingdom attempts to be a global player in the production of electric cars and related products, such as electric batteries, rather than simply building another car manufacturing facility, the mission today is to bet on the future through technology and innovation.

– He mentioned that the opening of the Lucid electric car factory confirms the Kingdom’s dedication to investing in clean energy and the green economy, as we will see a vibrant ecosystem for investment in various sectors, indicating that Lucid’s choice of the Kingdom as its headquarters in the Middle East confirms the importance of the Kingdom’s special and strategic geographical location, which will contribute to achieving Lucid’s goals. By directing 85% of its production to the Kingdom, Lucid will be able to achieve its goals. Most Viewed : Saudi Economy joins Trillion-dollar club, for the first time

– As the Ministry works closely to ensure attracting the best first- and second-level suppliers to strengthen the industrial sector in the Kingdom, the Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources believed that the opportunities provided by the automobile industry are much greater than just the automobile industry.

– The Saudi government’s intention to buy up to 100,000 automobiles from Lucid over the next ten years, demonstrates the company’s interest in and dedication to sustainability, according to CEO of Lucid, Peter Rawlinson.

– The completion of an agreement with Lucid to buy electric vehicles with a minimum of 50,000 vehicles and a maximum of 100,000 vehicles over a ten-year period was announced by the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is done with the intention of diversifying its fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles.

– The CEO of Lucid added that, here, production has already begun. In our second Advanced Manufacturing Plant factory, we now have a total install capability with a capacity of up to 5,000 units annually.

– However, the really exciting part will start just over three years from now when we construct a building that is significantly bigger than this alongside this facility. Recommend : CEER – The first Saudi brand for manufacture of electric cars

– This expansion is expected to have an unbelievable capacity of “30 times that of 150,000 units per year,” and it will coincide with the launch of Lucid’s midsize platform, which aims to provide a more accessible electric car to the general public.

– Currently, the factory (Lucid in Saudi Arabia) assembles kits that have been shipped in from Lucid’s main production facilities in Arizona. Customers are taking delivery of their Saudi-assembled Lucid vehicles as we speak,” indicating a huge expansion of the company’s reach.

– We are honored to inaugurate Saudi Arabia’s first auto factory (Lucid in Saudi Arabia) today, which will produce our award-winning electric cars and advance the Arab nation’s goal of developing a more sustainable and diverse economy.

– The facility’s contribution to the development of the nation’s electric automobile industry, supply chain expansion, and local talent development in the technology sector were highlighted by Rawlinson as he underscored the facility’s alignment with Saudi Vision 2030. Read : Is it possible to transfer car ownership to a person without a license? Moroor response

Lucid in Saudi Arabia opened Kingdom's first ever Car unit -
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Lucid in Saudi Arabia opened Kingdom's first ever Car unit -
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