Aquarabia, Biggest water park in the region from Qiddiya

Aquarabia, Biggest water park in the region from Qiddiya


Aquarabia, the biggest water theme park in the region and the first in Saudi Arabia, was launched by the Qiddiya Investment Company (QIC) Board of Directors. Aquarabia, situated in Qiddiya area, will serve as a charming addition to Six Flags Qiddiya City, the premier theme park in the area and the first Six Flags park to be constructed outside of North America. Trending : 87% of projects of Saudi Vision 2030 is completed or on Time

Aquarabia, the first domestic water theme park in Saudi Arabia, will support Qiddiya’s Power of Play philosophy and offer 22 rides and water-based experiences suitable for families that are sure to attract guests from all over the world.

– Among these four records are those for the Longest Mat Racer, Tallest Water slide, Tallest Drop Body slide, and Tallest Water Coaster in the world.

– The first underwater adventure ride with completely submerged vehicles will also be available at Aquarabia. An extreme watersports zone with rafting, kayaking, canyoneering, free solo climbing, and cliff jumping is available to thrill seekers, and the first surf pool in the Kingdom is also on site.

– The ancient desert wellsprings and the animals of Qiddiya looking for an oasis are the inspiration for Aquarabia’s theming, which will include immersive, narrative-based design aspects and attractions.

– In addition to Aquarabia’s theme parks, Qiddiya City will also be home to Six Flags Qiddiya City, an extreme amusement park with 28 rides and attractions that will test the limits of what is thought to be possible. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia unveils shocking facts about Saudi Internet

– Six Flags amusement park Across six distinct themed areas, Qiddiya City will have five coasters that have broken world records.

1. Sirocco Tower, the highest freestanding shooting tower ride in the world.
2. Gyropsin, the highest pendulum ride in the world.
3. Spitfire, Inverted top hat coaster that stands tallest in the globe.
4. The Iron Rattler, Race for the highest tilt coaster in the world and

5. The Falcons Flight, Alongside the Formula One track will be the world’s tallest, fastest, and longest roller coaster.

– Twelve Flags and Aquarabia Situated in a completely pedestrian-friendly area of Qiddiya City, these attractions offer guests a wide variety of activities, lodgings, restaurants, and even a relaxing haven where they can recharge their batteries in between thrilling rides and other heart-pounding activities. Read : Hajj Ministry launches Nusuk Pilgrim Card for Hajj pilgrims

– Modern planning and construction have made it such that guests may move around with ease, reducing travel time and increasing fun. Qiddiya City makes sure that every time spent exploring is full with excitement, thanks to the seamless link between two new parks.

– “This announcement marks a significant milestone for Qiddiya City and for the entertainment, tourism and sports sector,” remarked Abdullah Aldawood, managing director of Qiddiya Investment Company, in his remarks regarding the launch. The diversification of our economy, the creation of jobs in the tourism sector, and the satisfaction of our community’s diversified entertainment needs will all be met by Aquarabia and Six Flags Qiddiya City as we continue to grow our entertainment offering.

– Construction of both parks is underway and is expected to wrap up in the year 2025. The exact opening date will be disclosed at a later date. In addition, the Kingdom is seeing a rise in demand for water-based activities and immersive entertainment, thus Aquarabia and Six Flags Qiddiya City will be the initial attractions to open so that tourists may experience Qiddiya City’s entertainment and sports proposition.

– Qiddiya City’s innovative attractions are part of Saudi Vision 2030, which intends to increase local tourism and employment while providing entertainment alternatives for citizens. Aquarabia and Six Flags Qiddiya City are expected to make a substantial impact on the Kingdom’s economic diversification and GDP targets by creating a combined total of 10,000 employment, both directly and indirectly. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Facebook

– The unique opportunity for Qiddiya City to include sustainability into every stage of the development’s design, building, and management is a result of the city’s status as a new master-planned destination. So, Aquarabia and Six Flags Qiddiya City will always be at the forefront of sustainable practices, employing cutting-edge tech and design to handle water and trash in the most efficient way possible.

– Thanks to specialized filters, the water theme park can cut water waste by up to 90% and minimize energy usage by using recycled water for irrigation and cooling. In addition, Six Flags Qiddiya City plans to divert over 80% of its operational waste from landfills through recycling.

– In addition to the world’s first multi-use Gaming and Esports District, the multi-sport Prince Mohammed bin Salman Stadium, the motorsport track, the Dragon Ball theme park, and Aquarabia, Qiddiya City has announced a plethora of other thrilling entertainment, sports, and cultural attractions. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

Aquarabia, Biggest water park in the region from Qiddiya -
Aquarabia, Biggest water park in the region from Qiddiya –
Aquarabia, Biggest water park in the region from Qiddiya -
Aquarabia, Biggest water park in the region from Qiddiya –
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