Neom and The Line is to Build a new Civilization for Future

Neom and The Line : We want to Build a new Civilization for Future – Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman


Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, stated during a discussion about the “NEOM” project and the city of “The Line” that the Kingdom wants to build a new civilization for the future and that other nations should do the same in order to improve the planet.

An educational video titled “The Line” about the city of dreams in “NEOM” was broadcast on the international “Discovery” channel. The documentary contained an interview with Prince Muhammad bin Salman and some representatives from “The Line” to discuss the most important aspects of the project, which is regarded as one of the biggest and best in the twenty-first century.

– Speaking English, the Crown Prince came across as confident and fluent, where he was able to organize his thoughts and list them in an impressive and fluid manner without the necessity for reading from papers. Answering inquiries about the city’s ideology, its stunning, remarkable design, and the goals that were set for it.

Motives for Founding “The Line” :

The young prince gave an explanation of the goals and causes for building a new city during the interview. By 2030, he predicted, Saudi Arabia’s population will increase from its current 33 million to between 50 and 55 million people, meaning that the country’s infrastructure would be fully used. This puts building a new city in front of us as a very significant challenge.

– The Crown Prince voiced his belief that the Kingdom would be able to finish its massive projects and put the doubters and critics to rest. He said, “They claim that many of the projects being undertaken in Saudi Arabia are impractical or overly ambitious, and they will continue to do so while we continue to disprove them.” Recommend : Sindalah Island

The Line Philosophy :

The Crown Prince explained The Line’s founding principles, its layout, and the reasons it is a linear city. When the prince returns to the beginning of the project’s planning, he says, “Let’s consider from scratch since we have an empty space and we want to construct a location for 10 million people. We got to talking about a lot of concepts, such as why not create a circuit and start connecting motion, trucks, and trains to it. After that, construction will begin gradually, until it is finished for 10 million people.

– He continues, “We conducted a competition among the best designers in the world after we brainstormed and worked as a team, and all of them presented us with cities based on current methods, but with better solutions, except for one who adopted this idea and said, Let’s turn it from a circle into a line.”

– The Crown Prince says that from this point the idea, to change the city from a circle into a line, to bring “The Line” into light, began. He says this in this passage, “We continued to study it, and when we presented The Line, its width was only about 2 kilometers, and my problem is that The idea of the infrastructure is good, but when you go deep inside it with a width of 2 km, you will not feel it. So I told the team what if we took that space, and made it double along the entire line, would this work or would it be huge? See Also : A plan of future city in Saudi Arabia

– The Crown Prince stressed the value of creativity in architecture, showing that a city must be a work of art and that engineering and architecture alone are insufficient, highlighting the fact that “The Line” was created from scratch to deliver unique and outstanding solutions.

– The young prince also put up “NEOM” as a project that generates revenue, meets Saudi Arabia’s expected need, and develops fresh approaches to urban planning and daily life.

We will compete with Miami :

Prince Mohammed bin Salman voiced his belief that “NEOM” will encourage a sense of excitement in its citizens about going to work and enjoying themselves. This is because places of entertainment will be close to places of employment, and he used Miami, Florida, USA, as an example, saying: “In Neom, you will feel excited to go to work and have fun every day, so we compete with Miami in this field. When you leave your office in Neom, you feel as though you are on vacation because you immediately find yourself next to entertainment, culture, sports, and shops. Most Viewed : Death of 5 in Titan Submarine implosion

Creating a new Civilization :

The Kingdom’s desire to create a new culture for the future and to set an example for other nations to follow was voiced by the Crown Prince, to improve the environment.

– The Crown Prince left the decision on the nature and shape of “Neom” to the members of the community, who will come from various parts of the world, as he concluded his speech. “We won’t know what the result will be when we put all the puzzle pieces together,” he commented. This is a result of the inventiveness of NEOM’s future people, who will originate from all corners of the globe. You can count on it being something fresh and original, I assure you. But what is it exactly? It is unclear. We’ll check it out for ourselves. Join Saudi Expatriates WhatsApp group


Neom and The Line is to Build a new Civilization for Future -
Neom and The Line is to Build a new Civilization for Future – Viewable story : Largest countries by size


Neom and The Line is to Build a new Civilization for Future -
Neom and The Line is to Build a new Civilization for Future –
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