Al-Hilal made an offer to Messi with 400 million Euros

Al-Hilal made an offer to Messi with 400 million Euros, but he has not agreed to the deal yet..

In order to get the services of Argentina Lionel Messi, Al Hilal Club management of Saudi Arabia made an offer to Messi with 400 million euros, according to player.

In a tweet tweeted through his official Twitter account, Romano stated that Messi wants to win the French League title with Saint-Germain before deciding whether to stay at the Princes Park or move to a new club and go through what might be the last experience of his career, a 35-year-old.

– Al-Hilal made an offer to Messi with 400 million euros, according to Romano, who also said that Messi has not yet agreed the deal. See Also : Cristiano Ronaldo joins Al Nassr club in Saudi Arabia for two seasons

– In view of the challenge in making an offer because of the clean financial standards law in Spain, he also reaffirmed that FC Barcelona is waiting for Messi’s position.

– There have been numerous reports recently claiming that Lionel Messi, a player for Paris Saint-Germain’s first football team, is close to joining Al-Hilal Club in the biggest deal in Saudi football and sports history.

– Following in the footsteps of its rival, Al-Nassr Club, which signed with the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo in January, Al-Hilal Club is looking to sign Argentine legend Messi and made an offer to Messi with 400 million euros. By doing so, Al-Hilal will bring the rivalry between the two greatest players in football history to Saudi stadiums.

– Due to the news that the two parties deal was about to be finalized and the claim made by the Spanish “Cherengito” program that Messi had already accepted Al-Hilal’s offer, Al-Hilal and Lionel Messi topped search engine results not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also globally. Viewable Story : Most followed personalities on Twitter

– The program, which is broadcast to millions of people worldwide, also announced that Messi and Barcelona star Sergio Busquets next stop would be the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s Al-Hilal Club.

– However, the Spanish publication “Mondoportivo” denied that Messi had agreed to join Al-Hilal, stating that he was still deciding where he would play in the upcoming season while the French championship was still in progress.

– Paris Saint-Germain suspended Messi this week after he missed practice, adding to the tension that has recently existed between the two parties.

– The Argentine star’s connection with the Parisian club’s supporters is also not good; his contract with them expires in June, and this is particularly true in light of the taunts he has received recently, particularly following the team’s elimination from the Champions League this season. Recommend : Saudi Arabia welcomes Cristiano Ronaldo

– Lionel Messi, a football player from Argentina, and his family landed in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Monday. Messi already travelled to Jeddah with friends the previous year, making this his second trip to Saudi Arabia.

– The Minister of Tourism Ahmed Al-Khatib expressed his happiness, through his official account on Twitter: “I am happy that Messi and his family are visiting Saudi Arabia to enjoy our various tourist destinations, and to explore authentic experiences that reflect the warmth and generosity of our people.”

– Messi praised Saudi Arabia’s natural beauty in a post on the “Instagram” platform, stating, “Who would have anticipated Saudi Arabia to be green in this way?! I enjoy discovering its unforeseen surprises whenever I can.

– In May 2022, the Minister of Tourism declared that “Argentina star Lionel Messi has become an ambassador for Saudi tourism.” Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

Al-Hilal made an offer to Messi with 400 million Euros -
Al-Hilal made an offer to Messi with 400 million Euros – Al-Hilal CLub in Saudi Arabia made an offer to Messi with 400 million Euros – See Also : Saudi Arabia provides $100 million aid to Sudan  Offer to messi with 400 million euros
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