Saudi Arabia launches Nusuk Card for Hajj 2024 pilgrims

Saudi Arabia launches Nusuk Card for Hajj 2024 pilgrims


To facilitate the upcoming 2024 Hajj trip, the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has introduced the Nusuk pilgrim card. Trending : Saudi Arabia prohibits Handcuffing for arrested people except in these cases

Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah, minister of hajj and umrah, presented a copy of the Nusuk card to Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, minister of religious affairs of Indonesia, during an official visit to Jakarta on Tuesday, April 30, as part of the release ceremony.

– This year’s Hajj will see the biggest amount of 241,000 pilgrims from Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country in the world. Dr. Al-Rabiah and his Indonesian counterpart Qoumas met to finalize arrangements and find methods to make the pilgrims’ experience easier.

– During his tour, the minister met with high-ranking Indonesian authorities, executives from Hajj service providers, and investors to discuss ways to improve the facilities and services offered to God’s pilgrims.

– The Saudi government has launched a number of reforms, including the introduction of the Nusuk pilgrim card, in an ongoing effort to ensure that pilgrims have access to everything they need to make their journey of faith easier and more comfortable, including cutting-edge technology. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia drafted Hefty fines related to Trains

– In preparation for the upcoming Hajj season, the Nusuk pilgrim card seeks to improve operating procedures in order to streamline and ease the pilgrimage and reduce cases of unlawful Hajj performance. In an automated setting, it is made to be quite readable. To ensure the safety and security of all pilgrims, the Nusuk card allows Hajj officials identify and verify the identification of each pilgrim. It also helps prevent illegal individuals from entering the holy sites.

– The Nusuk pilgrim card is available in both digital and physical forms, according to the government. The Hajj missions or service providers that the pilgrims have contracted with to carry out the pilgrimage will provide the printed version of the card to the pilgrims.

The pilgrim can get the digital version through their Nusuk or Tawakkalna app account. The pilgrim, according to the ministry, is required to scan the printed card’s QR code and then complete the on-screen instructions to receive the digital card.

– A number of services are available to pilgrims using the Nusuk card, according to the government. The primary goal of these services is to authenticate the pilgrim’s identification so that the proper authorities can check his data and provide him with the best services possible. Important details, including the pilgrim’s name, address, and medical history, will be made available via a smartphone app. Recommend : Saudi Arabia sets last date for the entries and exits of Umrah visa holders

– The Hajj and Umrah Ministry has issued a strong call to all pilgrims, both Saudi and foreign, to acquire the card in advance of their visit to the Holy Sites. All pilgrims, whether from outside the country or within it, are required to have the card with them at all times during the Hajj, from arrival to departure. The card is required for entrance and transit within Makkah and Madinah, as well as between the Holy Sites of Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah, according to the ministry.

– The Nusuk card not only knows when the pilgrims will be grouped together and where they live, but it also details their individual Hajj missions and how to contact them. According to the ministry, pilgrims can use the digital card to do things like receive special alerts, rate the services they’ve received, and even submit comments and criticisms.

– People planning to do the Hajj rituals should be cautious of fraudulent Hajj campaigns and service providers, according to a previous warning from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. It strongly suggested that only official methods and agencies should be used by travelers to apply for Hajj.

– Launched in March of last year, the ministry’s “Jusoor Initiative” sought to improve communication with various countries, assess the Kingdom’s service to Pilgrims, and streamline their entry to the Two Holy Mosques. Join Saudi Expatriates Channel on WhatsApp

– The Muslim World League has expressed its gratitude to the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars for its statement reiterating that the Hajj must be conducted with a valid permit. The statement of the council provides a legal foundation for dealing with certain pilgrims’ undesirable behavior, according to Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Issa, chairman of the Association of Muslim Scholars and secretary general of MWL. This behavior harms legitimate pilgrims and puts a burden on businesses, organizations, and government agencies that work to ensure the Hajj runs smoothly and provides the best services to pilgrims.

Saudi Arabia launches Nusuk Card for Hajj 2024 pilgrims -
Saudi Arabia launches Nusuk Card for Hajj 2024 pilgrims –
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