Is it possible to Transfer Sponsorship after Final Exit

Is it possible to Transfer Sponsorship after Final Exit visa issued


The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) in Saudi Arabia clarified that, the worker cannot transfer sponsorship without involving his employer, even in case of final exit visa issued. The worker must leave within 60 days once the final exit visa issued to him. Trending : New regulations to protect the rights of the domestic workers and employers

Saudi Jawazat clarified it, following a query from one of the users via its official Twitter account, asking, “If a final exit visa is issued, can the worker transfer his sponsorship without referring to his sponsor?”.

– The Jawazat responded it stating that, “The instructions require departure of the worker within 60 days from the date of issuance of final exit visa or the visa need to be cancel from the employer in order to transfer services to another employer”, We are happy to serve you.

Sponsorship or Job Transfer of domestic worker without the Employer’s consent :

Earlier this, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development permitted the transfer of domestic worker sponsorships without the employer’s permission. When the choice to transfer domestic worker services without the employer’s consent provides that domestic workers and similar employees may move to another employer without the existing employer’s consent under the following cases.

* In case of proving that the Employer failed to pay the salary of domestic worker for 3 continuous or separate months without any reason. Recommend : 8 cases in which Expat worker can transfer his Job without conditions

* Not picking up the domestic worker, either from the port of arrival or from the shelter, within 15 days of arrival into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

* Employer failed in issuing iqama or residence permit for the domestic worker within 3 months, or failed to renew it even after 30 days of iqama expiry.

* If domestic worker trusts others with their services, or it is proven that the worker has been assigned hazardous work that threatens the health or safety.

* On proving that, the domestic worker or a family member mistreated the domestic worker, or the domestic worker had filed a complaint against the domestic worker, he was the reason for the extension of her consideration without demonstrating the worker’s involvement in the delay in processing the complaint.

* In case the employer submitted a false Huroob (Absent From Work) report against the worker, or his representative did not appear before the dispute settlements committees for the two notified sessions. Viewable Story : Countries with Highest percentage of expats in its population

* Based on the recommendation from a competent authority during the consideration of the complaint in order to avoid any possible damages that may occur to the domestic worker.

* Absence of the domestic worker, either due to his travel, imprisonment or any other reason, resulting in the ability to pay the salary of the domestic worker.

Conditions to transfer Domestic worker services in Saudi Arabia :

1. The current employer waived the services of the domestic worker through the Absher platform.

2. The approval of the domestic worker and the new employer to request the transfer of services through the Absher within 7 days.

3. The records of the new employer and the domestic worker is free of traffic violations.

4. The domestic worker should not be registered in the system as Huroob or Absent From Work.

5. The maximum possible number of transfers for domestic worker services is 4 times only.

6. It is required that the domestic worker reside for 15 days or more upon assignment.

7. Payment of service fees. Subscribe to Saudi Expatriates channel on YouTube

Is it possible to Transfer Sponsorship after Final Exit -
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