Smart Cities in the World 2023, 4 Saudi cities makes in

Smart Cities in the World 2023, 4 Saudi cities makes in the List


According to the International Institute for Administrative Development’s IMD Index of Smart Cities in the World 2023, Riyadh has retained its ranking as the third smartest city in the Arab world, and 30th smartest city in the world. Like and Follow Saudi Expatriates page on Facebook

Makkah Al-Mukarramah entered in the list of smart cities in the world 2023 for the first time this year, ranking 4th place in the Arab world and 52nd place in the list of worldwide smart cities. While Jeddah ranked 5th as smartest Arab city and 56th global smart city.

– Madina comes 7th in the list of smart city in the Arab world and 85th in the smart cities in the world 2023, out of 141 cities in the world.

– The IMD Smart Cities Index focused on how citizens perceive the scope and impact of initiatives to make their cities smart, the degree to which a balance between economic and technical aspects is achieved while not ignoring the human dimensions, and the degree to which it helps close the gap between residents’ needs and aspirations and current trends in building smart cities.

– One of the global metrics used to gauge how prepared the smart cities in the world 2023 are is this one. As it offers a thorough framework for evaluating cities across a range of dimensions, including economic and technical performance and governance measures, it is also a useful tool for leaders, policymakers, and researchers to evaluate the performance of smart cities and identify areas for improvement. Recommend : World’s Most Powerful Passports 2023

– The ranking of Saudi cities in the world 2023, in several sub-indicators has improved as a result of collective national efforts and the application of cutting-edge technologies. Among these is the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence’s national platform for smart cities (SDAIA).

– One of the most esteemed business administration schools in the world, the International Institute for Administrative Development (IMD), serves as a crucial resource for other international organizations and institutions that promote international competition, which ranked the smart cities in the world 2023.

List of IMD Smart cities in the World 2023 with its country names :

1. Zurich, Switzerland

2. Oslo, Norway

3. Canberra, Australia

4. Copenhagen, Denmark

5. Lausanne, Switzerland

6. London, United Kingdom

7. Singapore

8. Helsinki, Finland

9. Geneva, Switzerland

10. Stockholm, Sweden See Also : Saudi Arabia is among 9 countries in the world in reducing salt consumption

11. Hamburg, Germany

12. Beijing, China

13. Abdu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the first Arab smart city and 13th in the rankings of smart cities in the world 2023

14. Prague, Czech Rep.

15. Amsterdam, Netherlands

16. Seoul, South Korea

17. Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), is the 2nd Arab smart city and 17th in the list of smart cities in the world 2023

18. Sydney, Australia

19. Hong Kong

20. Munich, Germany

21. New York, USA

22. Auckland, New Zealand

23. Wellington, New Zealand

24. Brisbane, Australia

25. Shanghai, China

26. Reykjavik, Iceland

27. Bilbao, Spain

28. Vienna, Austria Viewable Story : Countries with Highest Motorbike usage 2023

29. Taipei City, Taiwan

30. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the 3rd smartest city in the Arab world and 30th in the list of smart cities in the world 2023

31. Melbourne, Australia

32. Tallinn, Estonia

33. Berlin, Germany

34. Boston, USA

35. Brussels, Belgium

36. Gothenburg, Sweden

37. Madrid, Spain

38. Dusseldorf, Germany

39. Washington D.C, USA

40. Ottawa, Canada

41. Rotterdam, Netherlands

42. Vancouver, Canada

43. The Hague, Netherlands

44. Warsaw, Poland

45. Luxembourg

46. Paris, France

47. Ljubljana, Slovenia

48. Toronto, Canada

49. Busan, South Korea

50. Los Angeles, USA Know more : Effects of sitting for long time

51. Bologna, Italy

52. Makkah (Mecca), Saudi Arabia

53. Denver, USA

54. Zaragoza, Spain

55. Seattle, USA

56. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

57. Hanover, Germany

58. Nanjing, China

59. Doha, Qatar

60. Zhuhai, China

61. Chicago, USA

62. Bratislava, Slovakia

63. Dublin, Ireland

64. Lyon, France

65. Vilnius, Lithuania

66. Shenzhen, China

67. Tianjin, China

68. San Francisco, USA

69. Montreal, Canada

70. Hangzhou, China

71. Guangzhou, China

72. Tokyo, Japan

73. Manchester, United Kingdom

74. Birmingham, United Kingdom

75. Barcelona, Spain

76. Leeds, United Kingdom

77. Newcastle, United Kingdom

78. Bordeaux, France

79. Krakow, Poland

80. Glasgow, United Kingdom

81. Kiel, Germany

82. Milan, Italy

83. Riga, Latvia

84. Lille, France Follow Saudi Expatriates on Twitter

85. Madina (Medina), Saudi Arabia

86. Chongqing, China

87. Budapest, Hungary

88. Bangkok, Thailand

89. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

90. Ankara, Turkey

91. Tel Aviv, Israel

92. Philadelphia, USA

93. Phoenix, USA

94. Cardiff, Wales

95. Belfast, Northern Ireland

96. Muscat, Oman

97. Chengdu, China

98. Osaka, Japan

99. Lisbon, Portugal

100. Hanoi, Vietnam

101. Marseille, France

102. Jakarta, Indonesia

103. Ho Chi Minh City

104. Bucharest, Romania

105. Delhi, India

106. Zagreb, Croatia

107. Istanbul, Turkey

108. Cairo, Egypt

109. Mumbai, India

110. Bengaluru (Bangalore), India

111. Sofia, Bulgaria

112. Medan, Indonesia

113. Athens, Greece

114. Makassar, Indonesia

115. Manila, Philippines

116. Hyderabad, India Join Saudi Expatriates on Telegram

117. Nicosia, Cyprus

118. Medellin, Colombia

119. Santiago, Chile

120. Islamabad, Pakistan

121. Mexico

122. Rome, Italy

123. Algiers, Algeria

124. Buenos Aires, Argentina

125. Cape Town, South Africa

126. Rabat, Morocco

127. San Jose, Costa Rica

128. Brasilia, Brazil

129. Bogota, Colombia

130. Sao Paulo, Brazil

131. Nairobi, Kenya

132. Lagos, Nigeria

133. Abuja, Nigeria

134. Lima, Peru

135. Amman, Jordan

136. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

137. Tunis, Tunisia

138. Accra, Ghana

139. Beirut, Lebanon

140. Sanaa, Yemen

141. Guatemala Read more : 50% of World sacrifices Sleep due to Technology

Smart Cities in the World 2023, 4 Saudi cities makes in -
Smart Cities in the World 2023, 4 Saudi cities makes in –

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