Allowed Gold limit at Saudi Airports – Customs (ZATCA)

Allowed Gold limit at Saudi Airports – Customs (ZATCA)


The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority (ZATCA) in Saudi Arabia has renewed its reminder stating the allowed gold limit at Saudi airports or other entry ports. All the items, whose value exceeds 60,000 riyals upon leaving or entering into Saudi Arabia must be disclosed. Most Viewed : Saudi Arabia is famous for many things, 10 of them are

This came in response from Ask Zakat Twitter handle, to an inquiry from a twitter user regarding allowed gold limit at Saudi airports, the authority stated that, “It is necessary to disclose and fill out the declaration form for travelers upon entering or leaving the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, if the traveler carry an amount of 60,000 Saudi Riyals or its equivalent in Jewelry or Precious metals”.

– The Customs authority further added that you can visit the following link to find out the details of the allowed gold limit at Saudi airports and to know the mechanism for filling out the declaration form.

– In her inquiry, a Saudi citizen asked, she is planning to travel to Dubai to attend a wedding, with her personal jewelry, so is it required to pay a tax at the airport or is there any allowed gold limit at Saudi airports?

The ZATCA service provides you with the possibility to fill in the form of declaration of the items to be declared and to provide customs officers when entering or leaving Saudi Arabia for international travelers. These items include:

* Currencies or bearer negotiable instruments, gold bullion (biscuit), precious metals, precious stones (diamonds), and jewelry, with a value of up to 60,000 riyals ($16,000) or more, or its equivalent in foreign currencies.

* Goods in commercial quantities or at a value higher than 3,000 riyals (800 USD). Recommend : Travelers To and From Saudi Arabia must disclose items which exceeds the permissible limit

* Specify if you carry tobacco products or their derivatives in an amount exceeding 200 cigarettes, 25 cigars, 500 grams, or electronic cigarettes/shisha in an amount exceeding one device and 60 ml of their respective liquids, while you are arriving to Saudi Arabia.

* Mention if you carry belongings or materials that require a license or permit to enter Saudi Arabia (prohibited and restricted goods)?

The goods subject to excise tax.

– Prohibited and restricted goods and items.

The list of items to be declared for international travelers leaving Saudi Arabia is limited to the following:

– Currencies or bearer negotiable instruments, gold bullion (biscuit), precious metals, precious stones (diamonds), and jewelry, with a value of up to 60,000 riyals or more, or equivalent in foreign currencies.

– The Items prohibited to be exported (such as antiquities, etc.) and subsidized items.

– Earlier this, the authority stated the necessity of carrying the original and valid vehicle registration form, and for the driver of the vehicle to be its owner, or a valid external approval from the owner of the vehicle to the driver of the vehicle is required when crossing from the customs port to any of the Gulf countries. Viewable Story : People in Saudi Traditional dresses at Riyadh Boulevard City on Saudi Founding Day

Penalty for non-disclosure of cash or valuable items of 60,000 or above :

According to a lawyer specialized in financial cases in Saudi Arabia, Assem Al-Issa, whoever owns more than 60,000 riyals during his travel and does not disclose it, the traveler will be punished with a fine of up to 25% of the total amount for the first time and 50% for the second time.

Al-Issa stated that, there is a difference between non-disclosure and money laundering, hiding money is a presumption of concealing the source. If the source of money is legal, it must be disclosed, especially since customs facilitated disclosure procedures.

– If the source of the money is unknown, then proof of legality of the money must be done so that the person does not fall into the category of money laundering.

– As per the Anti-Money Laundering Law of Saudi Arabia, every person who enters into or exits from Kingdom and is in possession of coins, bearer negotiable instruments, gold bars, precious metals, gemstones, worked jewelry or arranges transportation of these items inside or outside Saudi Arabia, by any courier or freight service or through others, with a value of 60,000 riyals or above, or the equivalent of these amount in foreign currencies to provide an acknowledgement of this. Follow Saudi Expatriates on Linkedin

Allowed Gold limit at Saudi Airports - Customs (ZATCA) -

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