Advanced Air Mobility Initiative of Saudi Arabia

Advanced Air Mobility Initiative of Saudi Arabia to provide safe and advanced Air Mobility in Mideast


The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) came up with the Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) project in Saudi Arabia. It is an ambitious initiative to make the Saudi Air Transport sector the safest and most advanced in the Middle East. Most Viewed video : Saudi Arabia launches Skill Verification Program in Egypt

There are a lot of creative options here, from small unmanned aircraft to planes that can take off and land vertically. These technologies will make it possible for people and goods to travel faster, more safely, more sustainably, and more environmentally friendly.

– Unveiling its Advanced Air Mobility development program, GACA is setting new standards and is a vital part of the Saudi Aviation Strategy’s plan to achieve regional leadership.

– Advanced Air Mobility innovative solutions will also have advanced technical features that will help clear up traffic on the roads and make it easier to get to remote parts of the country, which will ultimately lead to overall economic and social growth.

– The executive vice president of GACA for aviation safety and environmental sustainability, Capt. Sulaiman Al-Muhaymedi, said that the Advanced Air Mobility plan in Saudi Arabia includes the steps that need to be taken to make a full road map that puts AAM at the top of the aviation industry. Recommend : No plans to impose Income Tax on individuals in Saudi Arabia

– The Advanced Air Mobility is changing the future of transportation by providing new ideas, such as small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) and vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) planes.

– He said that these changes will make it easier for people to travel, for things to get from one place to another, for emergencies to be handled, for people to get medical help, and for disaster relief to get underway.

– Al-Muhaymedi mentioned about environmental sustainability as well as the fact that the effort laid the groundwork for a successful system for advanced air travel.

– Additionally, Al-Muhaymedi said that tests were carried out in the Kingdom that included different types of terrain and weather conditions. These tests showed that relying on advanced air travel can have positive effects in many areas of transportation, such as lowering traffic and accidents and helping the Kingdom reach its goal of net zero carbon emissions by the year 2060. Read : Two expatriates arrested in Jubail for selling endangered blacktip reef shark

– Protecting people and the environment has been a top priority for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and sustainable development has been made one of its major goals.

– The Saudi Crown Prince has already announced a number of major initiatives to help reach this goal. The Green Saudi Initiative and the Green Middle East Initiative are the most well-known of these. Their goal is to make it easy for people in the area to work together to reach global goals.

– In the year 2022, GACA released a draft plan to improve environmental sustainability in civil aviation. The plan included the “Enabling AAM in the Kingdom” initiative, which is one of the aviation sector’s plans to come up with strategic directions and set up relevant regulatory frameworks that follow international best practices to lessen the damage that civil aviation activities do to the environment.

– This also fits with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, which is to strengthen the Kingdom’s place in the world of flight and make it a hub for the future of transportation around the world. Trending : Air Taxis to transport pilgrims from Jeddah to Makkah

– An important part of the Kingdom’s AAM journey is international cooperation. Memorandums of understanding were signed with South Korea, Singapore, and China, among other countries. Agreements were also made with top companies that design and build AAM aircraft to make sure that the Kingdom gets ahead in this field, especially in the areas of safety and development.

Advanced Air Mobility Initiative of Saudi Arabia -
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Advanced Air Mobility Initiative of Saudi Arabia -
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