Final Exit Visa for Stranded Indians in Saudi Arabia

Procedure to get Final Exit Visa for Stranded Indians in Saudi Arabia


Final Exit Visa for Stranded Indians : The Indian Embassy or Consulate in Saudi Arabia can help you acquire a final exit visa if you are an Indian expat and stuck in Saudi Arabia because your Iqama expired, in Huroob status, dependent permit expired, or other permits has expired. Then follow the below procedure in order to get your final exit visa. Related Video : New regulations related to Huroob in Saudi Arabia

Where to Apply Final Exit visa for Stranded Indians ?

If you live in Jeddah, Makkah, Madina, or the areas nearby these cities, you must submit an application to the Indian Consulate in Jeddah.

While Indian residents of all other regions of Saudi Arabia can apply through the Indian Embassy in Riyadh.

How to Apply for Final Exit Visa for Standard Indians through the Indian Embassy?

To apply for a final exit visa either through the Indian Embassy in Riyadh or the Indian consulate in Jeddah, follow the below instructions.

Visit the following links as per your staying Locations :

1. Apply at Jeddah Consulate via “Final Exit visa for Stranded Indians“.

2. Visit “Final Exit Visa for Stranded Indians” via Indian Embassy in Riyadh.

* Enter your passport number.

* Click on Check data button.

– A new Form will be opened in the website, where you need to fill the following details.

* Name as mentioned in your passport.

* Name in Arabic, as it is in your iqama or visa.

* Enter Mobile number of Saudi Arabia.

* WhatsApp number. Join Saudi Expatriates on WhatsApp Channel

* Indian Mobile Number.

* Email address.

* You can choose from options like Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, and Buraidah when you type in the name of the area where you work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– In order to get a final exit visa for Stranded Indians with the help of Indian Embassy or Consulate, now you need submit your passport details like below.

* Passport Issue Date.

* Passport Expiry Date.

* Passport Status, Valid, Expired or Lost.

– Enter your details as it is in your Iqama or Saudi Visa.

* Enter Iqama Number, border number.

* Select Iqama Expiry date. Recommend : Check Iqama Expiry date without using Absher

* Check Huroob status, expired iqama, huroob, matloob, pending violations or fines.

* Write your iqama profession.

– In the next section, you need to submit your Saudi Arabia’s visa details like

* Visa Type (Visit visa, Domestic Worker Visa, Non-Domestic Worker visa, Final Exit visa issued but now expired).

* Name of the company or employer.

* Contact number of sponsor or company.

– In the final section of the application, you need to upload the following documents, which should be less than 500 kb in size.

* Resident permit (Iqama) or Digital Iqama copy.

* Passport copy. Most Viewed Video : Check Iqama Expiry date online

– Once you submit this form, you need agree with the terms and click on Submit. After submitting your application, the Indian Embassy or Consulate will forward your application to the relevant authorities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and contact you in case it is required.

What is Final Exit visa of Saudi Arabia?

Final Exit visa is also known as Exit visa or Khurooj Nihai, is for residents living or working in Saudi Arabia. The validity of the exit visa is 60 days from the date of issuance. Once the final exit visa issued, your valid iqama will become invalid and you need to leave the Kingdom before the expiry of the final exit visa. Know More details on Final Exit visa

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