Saudi Arabia adds Tourist e-Visa to 8 new countries

Saudi Arabia adds Tourist e-Visa to 8 new countries


The Ministry of Tourism in Saudi Arabia announced a new initiative of issuing tourist e-visa electronically for 8 more countries. Citizens of these countries can now apply for a tourist visa of Saudi Arabia either online or at Saudi Arabia’s international entry ports. Join Saudi Expatriates channel on Telegram

The new 8 countries to which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is granting tourist e-visa are

1. Azerbaijan

2. Albania

3. Uzbekistan

4. South Africa

5. Georgia

6. Tajikistan

7. Kyrgzstan and

8. Maldives

– Citizens of these countries, who wish to issue a tourist visit visa to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, can visit the e-visa portal “” to view all the information and facilities provided regarding it.

– Through the official website of the Spirit of Saudi Arabia, “,” the visitor can also view rules and regulations and a wealth of information about tourist destinations, inspirational experiences, historical sites, and cultural, qualitative, and international events, enhancing his travel experience.

– After this 8 new countries, the total number of countries eligible for Saudi Tourist Visa reached to 57 countries. The Saudi Tourism Authority has renewed its welcome to visitors from all over the world, highlighting the importance of this decision from Tourism Ministry, in cooperation with the Ministry Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

– This comes within the context of the Saudi tourism system’s efforts and its integration with several government organizations to realize the tourism sector’s goals in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 and with a view to attracting more types of tourists from around the globe and to solidify Saudi Arabia’s place on the world tourism map and to attract 100 million tourists yearly by the Year 2030. Recommend : Companies must adhere to Wage Protection System

– The Kingdom has attracted millions of visitors and powered the growth of the tourism sector to its new levels, as the Kingdom received 93.5 million visits in the year 2022. The Kingdom launched the tourist visa in September of the year 2019 targeting 49 countries for the purpose of tourism, performing Umrah outside the Hajj season, or attending events, exhibitions, and conferences. The total amount spent on tourism in the year 2022 was 185 billion riyals (equivalent to 49 billion dollars), a 93% increase from the year 2021.

– This year in the March, Saudi Arabia also allowed Gulf Cooperation Council – GCC (UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar) resident expats to apply for Saudi tourist visas, regardless of their professions and jobs.

– Saudi Arabia plans to expand tourist e-visa system and to include many other countries in the coming period, in line with the ongoing growth and enhancement of the Saudi tourism infrastructure. See Also : Is it possible to transfer sponsorship, after final exit visa issued? Know the Jawazat response

Few important conditions of Saudi Arabia’s Tourist Visa :

* Tourist visit visa allows individuals to visit various regions of Saudi Arabia.

* Tourist visa allows Muslim visitors to perform Umrah in Makkah Grand Mosque and visit Prophet’s Mosques in Madinah.

* Tourist visitors must follow all applicable regulations and instructions of the Kingdom while they are staying in Saudi Arabia.

* Visitors must carry their IDs (passports) at all times.

* Tourist visit visa does not allow the performance of Hajj or Umrah during the Hajj season. Trending : Fine for eating and smoking in a Taxi in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia adds Tourist e-Visa to 8 new countries -
Saudi Arabia adds Tourist e-Visa to 8 new countries – Join Saudi Expatriates open WhatsApp group


Saudi Arabia adds Tourist e-Visa to 8 new countries -
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia adds Tourist e-Visa to 8 new countries – 
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