Kaaba Kiswah to be replaced on 19th July this Year

The Holy Kaaba Kiswah to be replaced on 19th July this Year


The Holy Kaaba’s Kiswah (Black cloth Covering) to be replaced on Wednesday (Day after Tomorrow), with the help of 130 technicians and makers, as per the yearly tradition, according to the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques. Most Viewed : Kiswa – the black cloth covering of Holy Kaba

The General President for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet’s Mosque, Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdulaziz Al-Sudais, will supervise the replacement of the old Kiswah with a new one, according to the Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques.

– Dr. Al-Sudais, for his part, highlighted the deep interest of the wise leadership in the holy Kaaba, the Muslims qiblah, as well as how it uses all of its resources in the service of Islam and Muslims.

– The Presidency also stated that the Kaba’s old Kiswah would be removed, and the new one which have 4 distinct sides and a door curtain would be put in its place. Recommend : History of the Silver and Gold doors of Holy Kaba

– The four sides of the Kaaba would then be raised individually to the top of the holy structure in order to prepare for their individualization on the old side, and the side would then be installed from the top by tying it and lowering it, the opposite end of the side once the old side’s ropes have been cut, by pushing the new side up and down continuously.

– Once the Kiswa covering is complete, the process is repeated four times for each side, with the new side remaining while the old side is lowered from the bottom. The belt is then sewn to have a straight weight on all four sides.

– Due to the gutter’s presence, which has a hole at the top of the garment, this process starts on the garment’s part first. Once all sides are fixed, the corners are fixed by sewing them from the top to the bottom of the garment, and once that is done, the curtain is placed by creating a hole, which takes time and skill. See Also : Unseen images of the Black Stone in Makkah

– 3.30 meters is the estimated width of the curtain in the black cloth till the end of the garment. Three holes are then drilled in the black fabric to allow the curtain to be installed from below the cloth, and the ends are then secured by stitching them into the black cloth.

– The King Abdulaziz Complex’s departments, including the dyeing and automatic weaving department, the manual weaving department, the printing department, the belt department, the doctrines department, and the sewing and assembling department, which houses the largest machine, all employ more than 200 makers and administrators to complete the covering of the Holy Kaaba.

– The longest sewing machine in the world is 16 meters long and is controlled by a computer system. The complex also has certain auxiliary divisions, such as the laboratory, administrative services, quality, public relations, worker health, and occupational safety. Read : Zamzam water

– The Kiswa uses approximately 670 kilograms of black-dyed raw silk, 120 kilograms of gold wire, and 100 kilograms of silver wire.

– The word “Oh Allah, Oh Allah” is weaved into patterns that cover the exterior of Kiswah using black threads (jacquard style). “There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah,” “Glory be to Allah and His praise,” “Glory be to Allah the Great,” and “Oh, Judge, O Manan” are repeated on all of the Kiswa cloths, showing that there are 16 pieces in the Kiswah belt surrounding the Holy Kaaba. There are also 6 pieces, 12 lamps below the belt, 4 lamps in each corner, and 5 lamps that read, “God is great,” above the Black Stone, in addition to the outer curtain of the door of the Kaaba. Join Saudi Expatriates Open Discuss group

Kaaba Kiswah to be replaced on 19th July this Year - Saudi-Expatriates.com
Kaaba Kiswah to be replaced on 19th July this Year – Saudi-Expatriates.com See Also : MBS to play important role in the World
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