Saudi Arabia simplifies Umrah visit for Indian Muslims

Saudi Arabia simplifies Umrah visit for Indian Muslims


“We are here to make it easier for Indian Muslims to visit Makkah and Madina and have a great time in performing Umrah,” said Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al Rabiah, the Saudi Minister of Hajj and Umrah during his visit to India. Most Viewed Video : 8 key features of Saudi Arabia’s employment contract

He also said that India and Saudi Arabia’s joint efforts have greatly raised the number of Umrah pilgrims from India, reaching more than 1.2 million in the Year 2023. Which is 74% increase while compared to the Year 2022.

– “We have made the visa process much better,” the Saudi Minister stated. The Umrah visa is now can be issued in less than 48 hours, and most of the time, it’s issued in just a few hours. Our aim is to improve air connection so that there are more flights, more choices, and lower prices. The process for getting different types of visas for Indians to visit Saudi Arabia is being worked on. These include the Umrah visa and visit visa, family visit visa, and business visa.

– “Even people who aren’t Muslim can visit other cities in Saudi Arabia with different kind of visas,” he said. Many more direct flights are now going from several Indian cities to Jeddah and Madinah. In addition, the Saudi government has helped set up a number of deals to increase the number of direct flights from India.

– Along with growing the number of flights between the two countries, Saudi Airlines has also strategically added more seats. All of these things have been done to meet the growing demand for the Umrah journey. “We are here to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to improve the experience and make it easier for Muslims in India to go to Makkah and Madina, have a great time doing Umrah, and visit Madina.” Recommend : Saudi Arabia offers e-Visa for Club FIFA World Cup ticket holders

– India is one of the countries the minister is visiting as part of a tour meant to show how committed Saudi Arabia is to helping Umrah travelers. The new rules for Indian Muslims Umrah visas have taken away restrictions based on their previous visa status. They can also use an easy-to-use e-visa system. The Saudi Hajj and Umrah minister told that another important change is that the Umrah visa can now be extended to 90 days. Indians who want to perform Umrah can also get a stopover visa.

-These steps will help Indian pilgrims by giving them more freedom on their trip. This would help women making the pilgrimage by themselves the most. The move would support gender equality and create a safer, more accepting atmosphere.

Making processes easier to use : 

An official statement says that the minister’s visit is meant to make big steps forward in streamlining processes, improving services, and making detailed plans for hosting pilgrims and Umrah guests. These goals are very similar to those set out in “Saudi Vision 2030.”

– I got to meet a lot of interesting people in government, such as the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Minority Affairs. “We had great talks about how to make things better for Muslims going to Makkah and Madina,” the minister said. See Also : Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman highlights the Indian Community role in Saudi Arabia

– When he talked about the Saudi Vision 2030, he said it was a great way to improve services all over the country and for pilgrims.

– “There are many pillars in the program.” Better and easier travel to Makkah and Madina is one of them. Going to Makkah and Madina or performing the Umrah also makes the experience better for tourists. A lot of different historical places and exhibitions are being built right now. There are more than 100 historical places and displays.

– The efforts also aim to make the processes easier and better for people traveling to the two holy cities. This is in line with the government’s unwavering dedication to making the experience the best it can be. Join Saudi Expatriates Community on WhatsApp

Saudi Arabia simplifies Umrah visit for Indian Muslims -
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